Build and use apps that enable sales and support teams to communicate better with customers. Canvas Kit now has all of the components and webhooks you need to quickly build powerful apps for the Intercom Inbox for the 30,000+ businesses using Intercom.
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I'd love to also say a huge thank you to all the amazing partners that have worked with us over the last several months to build beautiful, useful apps for Intercom Inbox. 🙏🙌 We couldn't have done it without you all!
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@erskingardner Thanks for letting us be part of the launch! Getting Salesmachine Scoring right next to Intercom conversations is huge for our mutual customers 🙌🏼
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@erskingardner Thanks Jeff. We've been receiving great feedback from beta users who loved seeing all the MadKudu signals right next to each conversation. Developing on Canvas Kit has been a blast. Since the logic of the integration happens exclusively server-side on our end, it is very easy to maintain. We only had very few "Intercom internals" to learn before getting started. We now wish all SDKs were as smooth!
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@erskingardner Happy to be part of the launch! Excited to help our customers have full context of user feedback while chatting with their users.
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@erskingardner cheers! A fun project to collaborate on and add value for our mutual customers. Every time I open an Intercom conversation and see all the rich new customer context from the Inbox apps I feel I can support them better.
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@erskingardner Intercom + Stripe = 😍 Businesses can now manage their payments and subscriptions straight from the Intercom Inbox!
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G’day hunters, Matt here from Intercom. I'm excited to share the latest update to the Intercom Developer Platform. 🚀 Since we opened up the Intercom Messenger to partners and developers in 2018, our community has built hundreds of apps that help sales, marketing and support teams engage with their customers in a more productive and personal way. Today, we're opening up a whole new part of Intercom to app builders – our Inbox, which is used by thousands of sales and support teams every day to manage millions of conversations with their customers. With our new Canvas Kit, building native apps for both the Intercom Inbox and Messenger is simple and super fast. Integrate your existing product or build entirely new apps and become an essential part of teams' workflows in Intercom. Create apps that display customer and lead information alongside every conversation; plus, enable reps to trigger actions in your product—or send actions in their conversations to customers—with just one click. Canvas Kit makes building easy with pre-built components and webhooks, so you can spend your time building capabilities, rather than worrying about the right colors and fonts. Plus, there's a new visual builder that makes it easy to quickly prototype and troubleshoot apps as you build. By integrating with Intercom, you'll get your app in front of 30,000+ businesses in the Intercom App Store and join a growing community of 150+ partners building on Intercom. Check out what early adopters like MadKudu, Userfeed and Wootric have already built for some inspiration. We can't wait to see what you build. 🙌
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@mattnhodges thanks for the Userfeed mention, Matt! Congrats on the launch 🎉
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@conarro thanks for being an Intercom partner and building a great product, Kyle!
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@mattnhodges it was great to work on this. Having Wootric on the first batch makes us excited and we hope our mutual customers get a lot of benefit from our efforts. Cheers!
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We've been building Userfeed on Intercom's platform since Messenger apps were introduced last year, and it just keeps getting better! Canvas Kit has great documentation and tooling to get an app going, and the UI framework strikes a good balance between flexibility and simplicity. Not to mention the fact that the integration points (Messages, Operator, Messages, and now Inbox) enable so many powerful capabilities. We're humbled to be included in the launch, and we're excited to help our customers have full context of feedback activity while chatting in the Inbox! Check out our app here 🙌
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Congrats Intercom team! With Typeform we are so delighted to be part of this launch! Building our app on Messenger was super fun, and adding this inbox feature only took a day of work thanks to the great documentation, the Canvas Kit builder and your team's availability 💪 We are really excited to see how people will be using Typeform inside Intercom. Our Messenger app let you send typeforms directly in a conversation. Now with Inbox you can contextualize a conversation, and look at all the typeforms a user has answered in the past. Try it out here 🎉
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A great solution against data silos.


Having all the context and actions at your fingertips is killer!


I need a bigger screen to see all the useful widgets at once!

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