Apple ResearchKit

iOS medical research framework

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Chandra  Challa
Chandra Challa@cquenx · Product manager, Times Internet
This is brilliant! Looking forward for some interesting apps to launch using both the Watchkit + Researchkit.
Taylor Crane
Taylor Crane@taykcrane · Product @ Hello Alfred
And it's open source too! That blew me away.
Scott Buscemi
Scott Buscemi@scottbuscemi
@taykcrane what does that really mean, though? Isn't it all Obj-C based, meaning any other company would need to be in the same language?
Raul Riera
Raul Riera@raulriera · I make things
@taykcrane @swb1192 it's a program for medical research using iOS devices, so it makes very much sense to be in Obj-C / Swift
Robin Raszka
Robin RaszkaPro@robinraszka · Founder of Facemoji
Evan Zhou
Evan Zhou@evanczhou · Co-Founder, STEEZY
This is my favorite thing that came from the Apple keynote. Freakin amazing.