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#4 Product of the DayMarch 05, 2020
Apideck Ecosystem enables you to showcase your integrations, partners, and apps in one beautiful overview.
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We were part of the beta group of customers at MessageMedia and we used Apideck ecosystem to launch our whole Integrations marketplace in one day. We held a small internal hackathon to help get all our listings and Zap Templates written and turned our address on at the end of the day. We’re a business messaging API and web platform and we were looking for a way to let our customers know about all the other SaaS platforms we integrate with, without having to build something that would take months. The kicker for us was also the Zapier integrations listings and the Zap Templates library which allows us to advertise use cases to our customers. Our Apideck marketplace has also had implications for our future work, as “shadow listings” let us know what our customers are looking for, and it’s got us thinking about what we focus on next in terms of direct integrations and integration platforms (integromat etc). Overall there’s a lot of stuff we just wouldn’t have built ourselves, and it was absolutely worth it. I’m interested in where the Apideck team go with this next as they continue to refine and fortify it. Check out our marketplace at https://integrations.messagemedi... 😊
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I believe we became Apideck's first paying customer with Salesflare (in September 2018!) and we're still a super happy one. Thanks for keeping the product speed up @gertjanwilde and @michiel_dewilde and for listening to all our crazy ideas for making it better. There's no easier way to set up (and maintain) your integrations marketplace than using Apideck Ecosystem.
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Apideck offered a great way to showcase all of the possible integrations for the Laravel ecosystem. Definitely would recommend 👍 https://ecosystem.laravel.io
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Had the opportunity to get a sneak peek. Excellent execution, will greatly reduce time to market when launching an ecosystem.
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Been using it for a month now, and I particularly love the amount of SEO traffic it generates... And I mean, quality leads! Well done guys!!
@yves_delongie Thanks for the support 🙏🏻