Android Things Lantern

Real-world AR with Google's new IoT platform

Transform any surface into AR using Raspberry Pi, a laser projector, and Android Things.

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Alex Latham
Alex LathamHunter@alex_latham · CMO
Amazing new Android Things Lantern by the guys at Nord Projects in partnership with Google. "Rather than insisting that every object in our home and office be 'smart', Lantern imagines a future where projections are used to present ambient information, and relevant UI within everyday objects. Point it at a clock to show your appointments, or point to speaker to display the currently playing song. Unlike a screen, when Lantern’s projections are no longer needed, they simply fade away."
Jamie@jamiesunderland · Figuring out what to design next
The augmented clock is a cool concept! Nice work guys!
benpawleMaker@benpawle · Designer
@jamiesunderland cheers Jamie! That was my favourite too. I think it is the ultimate blend of old and new. A lot of our thinking with Lantern is it's ability to use smart, graphical overlays to enhance analog or 'dumb' objects with meaningful data/interactions
Matt Richardson
Matt Richardson@mattrichardson · Executive Director, Raspberry Pi
What a great use of Raspberry Pi and Android Things!
benpawleMaker@benpawle · Designer
@mattrichardson Thanks Matt! It was a breeze working with the Pi for this :)
Lance Scadden
Lance Scadden@lancescadden1 · Data Finance / Angel Investor / CFA
@benpawle @Joerick This is a project. What is the song playing in the video? Shazam no worky.
Joe Rickerby
Joe RickerbyMaker@joerick · Technologist
@benpawle @lancescadden1 hey lance! I wrote the track for the video last week! Can send you an mp3 if you like :)
Joe Rickerby
Joe RickerbyMaker@joerick · Technologist
This was our first project using Android Things and Kotlin, but it was a really quick path to rich graphical, connected prototypes. If anyone has any questions on those technologies I'd be happy to share our experience
Forrest O.
Forrest O.@forresto · hack
@joerick Have you seen ? This kind of form-factor + wide-angle projection + cv would be fun.