An all-new Intercom

A bold aesthetic. Simplified navigation. Faster workflows.

We’ve redesigned the entire Intercom web app to deliver an even better experience for you and your sales, marketing and support teams. You’ll find a cleaner and more efficient layout, simplified navigation, and brand-new features to help you work faster. Here’s a quick video that covers what’s new:

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G’day hunters, Matt from Intercom here. We’re incredibly excited to release a completely redesigned Intercom. We started from the ground up, introducing a fresh new look and consistent layout across each of our Messages, Inbox, and Articles products in our web app. Our goal was to create an experience that’s simple to navigate and easier to use, so you can get your jobs done in Intercom faster and feel good at the same time. Here’s a quick video that covers what’s new: Here are a few highlights of the new design: - Consistent left-hand submenus for intuitive navigation - More powerful platform search to find any user, lead or company - Full-screen views when you’re in the platform or any of our products (Messages, Inbox or Articles) - Customizable wallpapers to make the Inbox your own, including some new darker wallpapers based on feedback received during the private beta The new Intercom web app is available to everyone starting today. Be sure to keep an eye out as this new design will lay the foundation for future improvements. 🚀 P.S. We entered this project eyes wide open knowing there will inevitably be some aversion to the change. You can read all about our how we navigated that complexity with this redesign here:
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@mattnhodges Great job, really like the new UI. Feature request: Slack style "CMD+K" search that let's you jump to a user from anywhere in the app. E.g. I just finished answering a users questions and remembered another user had a similar question a few days ago and could benefit from the same info. I could hit CMD+K, start typing the users name / email / company and hit enter to jump to that users profile.
@mike_seekwell thanks mate! And good shouldn’t on the feature suggestion. I’ll pass along to the product team.
@mattnhodges please fix the issue which is blocking users to click in our note and post in-apps. We are more than 1 month reporting the bug and the support members do nothing. The new interface sucks if our users can't click in the in-apps we sent...
@alexander_czajkowski as you already know, it's something our teams aware of and looking into as we speak. It shouldn't be affecting your use of chat and note style-in-apps. I'm truly sorry you're experiencing this issue. We're working hard to fix it.

Nice update! I've been responding to visitors on my website and checking in on my messages seamlessly this morning. Took me a second to find the collapsable nav but loving this update.


improved search, Operator and smart campaign navigation. Brighter, crisper UI


haven't found any yet, just switched over this morning

How are you doing with disabling those messenger sounds? 😏️
@pugson Why? It’s personal preference and someone already made a browser extension that solves the problem for people that don’t like it 👍
Been using Intercom for quite some time now and have fielded thousands of support requests. Not only does my team love it, but so do my customers. It's one of the keys on how we grow customer relationships and turn them into advocates for our own product. My only issue with the redesign is there's too much grey / white. Not enough contrast. Almost hard to look at. The old design was much easier on the eyes and actually stood out. It felt stable, while this one just feels like you threw something together just so you could launch something "new".
@zacharycollins I can promise you this wasn’t just something we threw together. Trust me on that. :) This is a fundamental redesign of the navigation across the app to create consist UX across the platform and each product. The aesthetic is certainly new too. We did develop some darker wallpapers for the inbox based on feedback captured during our private beta. Hopefully that helps with the contrast issue you’re facing.
Any plans for dark theme?
@saleeh following feedback from our extensive private beta we did develop some new darker backgrounds for the inbox (wallpapers). We don’t have plans for a dark theme at this stage but I will be sure to pass this request on to our product team.
@mattnhodges Thanks for your reply.It would be great if there is an option for dark theme