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Remember that snarky website link you would send to people when they asked you a question they could find the answer to themselves with a simple Google search? Or maybe you would be on the receiving end of the link…

No matter. We bring it up because finding answers to your queries isn’t nearly as simple as we teased that it was. These days, we make a query and get a web of answers.

We’ve been watching this year as great minds build solutions from the ground up, rethinking the models, algorithms, and UIs of the search engine as we know it. But today’s newsletter is about productivity tools that enable you to navigate across the web like a boss with the browser you already have.

That includes tools like LINER, which we’ve watched evolve over the past years from a popular web highlighter tool to a search engine results curator. Today’s latest launch, Google Search Scanner, lets you filter out irrelevant search results with the click of a button right in the browser.

“As time passed, LINER's accumulated highlight data kept on getting powerful. We now have millions of pages that are confidently 'Picked by LINER,' and we wanted to provide users an extraordinary experience of searching.”

Founder Brian Woo also shared that the makers are planning a similar feature for image search, too.

So whether you still heart Google, Bing, etc., or want to share a few tools with your friends who do, here are 6 more tools to prevent endless scrolling.

Raycast - Complete tasks from a single command line instead of jumping from tab to tab.
Tabius - Auto-create new tab groups when you open a link, create custom rules, and more.
BetterViewer - Use various keyboard shortcuts to quickly pan, zoom images, and edit.
Linkwork - Sync a tab to a participant and chat on any webpage.
Tablerone- Browser history meets bookmarks; Find with a screenshot, share multiple links, and more.
Social Scroll for Twitter - Looking for an old tweet? Click between months/years to find them.

Go hyperlocal

Turning on TV for the local evening news is a forgotten pastime for younger generations, but as it turns out, “58% of people prefer to watch breaking news.”

LeadStory offers a new way to watch the news (or catch up in general), through geo-tagged stories on its News Radar map. The tool also alerts users to breaking news near them, or in places they care about.

Cat Nips
  • Tech Twitter has been having a laugh with Square’s updates to its leadership page after Jack announced the company’s name change. Ready for a rebrand? You can Blockify Yourself too.
  • This Twitter UI called Kizie offers “a cleaner way to browse Twitter.”
  • Remember Joi from Blade Runner 2049? Botify AI says its building a meta-universe of such digital people. See the launch that went to #1 Product of the Day.
  • Stage is a new app with always-on music competitions where can support music artists, and get rewarded with an NFT.
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Monday through Friday
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