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6 options for your virtual holiday party

If you’ve been following along with the Daily Digest, you’ve likely seen a virtual office here and a new metaverse there. Makers have continued working away this year, constructing virtual HQs to support the uptick in companies with remote and hybrid teams.

With holiday parties fast approaching and Omicron threatening in-person gatherings too, we rounded up six of the newest products in the virtual HQ space, highlighting a bit of what makes each stand out.

Wonder 2.0: “[O]ur focus is not on making the spaces more immersive or complex, but facilitating interaction between participants… Wonder helps surface commonalities between users. We use icebreaker questions [and are] working on statuses that are searchable so that guests can find people interested in similar things.”

Topia 2.0: “The platform has been completely rebuilt from scratch since the original launch. We now have private zones (for having private group conversations), broadcast 'podiums' for panels and Q&A, embedded live stream video like Twitch and Youtube, teleporting, and much more.”

Skittish: “Host… in a colorful game-like 3D world. Camera shy? No problem. Use your mic to talk to others near you with our best-of-class 3D spatial audio.”

Teamflow 2.0: "This complete redesign [includes] walls and textures like grass, water, paths, or sand [to] allow for outdoor spaces, game rooms, and a full office floor plan… [plus] private rooms with permissions, shared browser for seamless co-browsing of any website,... [and] AI camera framing."

Kosy: “Make your space your own and customize it... Make your team more productive & cohesive with one of our integrations including whiteboards, screen sharing, Youtube, Miro, Google Drive, Figma... Elevators. Coffee machines. These are artifacts of the physical office that lead to social interactions”

Gather: “Gather has a wide selection of premade maps to choose from, ranging from a moon pond to a beach side castle…[Yo]u can place down interactable “objects” such as whiteboards to draw on, youtube videos to watch together, or even games to play together…

And of course, Meta’s Horizon Woorkrooms is in beta and Microsoft is working on its own virtual HQ too, but you'll have to wait a little longer to try that one out.

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