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Would *love* to see an integration between Pocket and Liner. I build up my Pocket queue throughout the week (usually around longer reads) then share/take notes from there.
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@andymci Very interesting. We actually talked to Pocket the other day. They liked the idea of integration. Maybe it's time to capture your comment and approach them again. One thing we can do is to enable Liner Share Extension on Pocket. We didn't do it yet because Pocket is using a different format unlike Safari or Flipboard. Once we finish that, you can simply touch the Share icon on Pocket to start highlighting immediately on Liner.
@andymci If you want to highlight and share from Pocket, check out another highlight app It can do that.
@sungmoon @andymci a tight integration between Liner & Pocket would be great indeed. I know quite a few people - and can imagine a whole lot more - who share this workflow: push findings into pocket to read later, then highlight and subsequently possibly share through Buffer or individual social media networks.
If there is anything I love more than sticky notes, it's highlighting things. And collecting articles. No Android version yet, but there is hope. And, by the way, the makers (Sungmoon and Jinu) are really cool. Should be up around 4.30 am PST.
@v4violetta Thank you, Violeta. You are an awesome hunter. :)
We are really excited to announce the Liner iPhone app on Product Hunt! Our mission is to build useful softwares that make it easier for people to find and consume information. Liner is our first product. You can highlight any web page and share it with Liner. When you share on Twitter, an embedded image is automatically generated. I have a habit of highlighting while reading. I loved how easy the user interface was when I highlighted on Kindle or iBooks. We tried to mimic the user experience, and are proud of the result. We also built Share Extension, so you can highlight directly in Safari browser or other reading apps. (more on the story behind Liner, on Medium blog: I hope you find it useful, and we look forward to your feedback!
@sungmoon great idea and amazing execution. Straight to the homescreen and share extension!
Please, please, please make a mac desktop version
@mykfmn Thanks for the feedback. I'm on Macbook Pro, and I want that badly as well. Your comment just prioritized the task. :)
@sungmoon Could be huge for students/academics/researchers. Such a valuable way of taking notes. I'm used to highlighting PDFs in Preview and then creating notes from the highlights. Would save a lot of time.
Added to my Link Sharing Tools collection:
@anujadhiya Cool collection! Hope you find Liner useful.