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Instant documentation

No doubt, a lot of you are power users of some of the SaaS tools you use at work, especially if you helped implement them for your team.

A new startup thinks that makes you a treasure trove of potential for helping with onboarding and documentation. Tango is a tool, enabled by a Chrome extension, that automatically creates step-by-step how-to guides as you complete your work.

In today’s launch, co-founder Ken Babcock shared:

“What started as an idea to digitally “shadow” co-workers blossomed into the fastest way to capture and share know-how... We capture screenshots, links, and descriptions to save you time and energy… you become your team’s hero!”

With more companies going remote, employee onboarding is ripe for an upgrade. The makers of Tango told TechCrunch they saw the window of opportunity open in this space when the pandemic happened, so they left Harvard Business School to go start Tango. Last month, the company announced its $5.7M seed round.

Employee onboarding is just one use case for Tango; another obvious one is customer support. Early adopter Jon Bell pointed out on the launch page that automated documentation could work for personal use as well. Bell just launched yesterday, which is in a similar cohort of recording tools. It helps teams capture, inspect, and document bugs so developers can squash them faster.

Tango is looking for feedback from the community so if you’re sitting on some knowledge, you can ship it to your team and test the tool here.👇

Show them how

Let’s say you wake up on your Eight Sleep mattress, take a run on your Peloton Tread, track your heart rate with an Oura ring, and your BMI with a Withings scale... first of all, it sounds like you’re killin’ it. 👏

The problem is, all those apps are doing their own thing and you have to check them each separately. Terra is an API that makes it easy to connect them all.

Connect them all
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