ŌURA Ring v2.0

Advanced sleep and fitness tracker

The beautiful Oura ring automatically collects and wirelessly synchronizes data to the Oura app. It measures your physiological signals, with no switches or flashing lights. Just wear it.

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I've used the v1 for the last 6-months and love it. Pretty much the gold (bitcoin) standard for HRV tracking. Very excited to get the v2, lots of improvements.
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@kevinrose any hands on content in the near future??
@kevinrose it's so trivial, but Im concerned how this would look with my gold wedding band.. 2 rings? I was just getting used to one!
@kevinrose I just learned about this ring through your podcast this morning. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to using it!
@kevinrose heard about 2.0 on your podcast. Thanks. How do you think this will look on a female. It looks somewhat manly.
Very excited about this, Oura is definitely my favorite wearable. Furthermore, they have the best customer service, my ring had a few issues and they replaced it within a few days. Pre-ordered a few days ago, eager to try it. Good job on hunting this @Kevin.

The original Ōura ring is the best sleep tracker around so looking forward to the next-gen model! I've seen a preview of their updated app and glad to see they are surfacing a lot more data that was previously only accessible via their API. Ability to take HRV measurements at any point during the day is a great improvement.


Smaller form factor, longer battery life, better charging, on-demand HRV, open API


No GSR sensors added?

Ōura is the first wearable that’s done properly. It blends it with the daily life and completely gets out of the way. Can’t wait until April 2018
I’ve been using OURA v1 for 12 months now and have been super happy with the product. I’ve tested dozens of different wellness trackers during the past 5 years and would have never guessed I would keep using a single tracker this long. OURA simply keeps on being relevant. I follow mostly the duration and quality of my sleep,resting heart rate and body temperature deviation. I can’t wait to get the new version when it ships!