Withings Body Cardio Scale

A scale that measures your full body composition

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#5 Product of the DayJune 08, 2016
Charles Magnuson
  • Charles Magnuson
    Charles MagnusonProfessional Consumer

    It measures your weight


    The web and mobile apps are so poorly designed that they are useless to view. They make learning more about your health impossible.

    I have been using Withings scales since 2009 and was really happy until the update before Nokia bought the company. Prior to being acquired, Withings made an update to the charts on their web and mobile apps which made viewing your recorded information so difficult that it is effectively impossible. Yes, you can still view the history of your recorded stats, but the charts are so badly composed and poorly displayed that learning information about your health extremely, extremely difficult. Now that Nokia has bought Withings and redesigned everything, the charts are all still just as terrible as they were previously.

    If Nokia puts some effort into improving the charts in their web and mobile apps, this scale might be worth purchasing again. However, as it stands, I strongly recommend avoiding any products made by Withings.

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Ryan Hoover
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Solely measuring one's weight can be very deceiving. One can fluctuate ~10 lbs simply in water weight.
The Verge's @KatieBoehret has a good overview on the product.
Fedotov Maxim
Fedotov MaximHunter@doutatsu · VR Anime Society Founder
@rrhoover @katieboehret Yeah all of them are ultimately not very accurate, but I think its the best consumer product out there at the moment
Tudor Baidoc
Tudor Baidoc@baidoct · A Web & UI Designer
Fedotov Maxim
Fedotov MaximHunter@doutatsu · VR Anime Society Founder
@baidoct @rrhoover @katieboehret I meant best consumer SCALES currently. Aria is awesome
Robby Greer
Robby Greer@greerre · Ops @ UberEATS
It's also worth mentioning that Withings makes really quality hardware. I've used one of the original scales daily for the last 4 years and it's only dropped WiFi once. That's more than I can say for many other consumer devices.
Gregarious Narain
Gregarious Narain@gregarious · Co-Founder @ Chute, Prior 1st at Klout
I am not sure if I ha e this exact one, but the body fat in mine is directional at best. I once checked myself in the morning and then had a proper hydrostatic rest later that day. 26% withings, 17% tank. That said, I also have a Skulpt and its numbers are more consistent with my Withings. End of the day you just want it going down, right :)
Mike Coutermarsh
Mike Coutermarsh@mscccc · Code @ GitHub
How accurate is it at measuring composition? Would be interested in seeing a comparison to something like a dexascan. With an at home scale like this, I think consistency of measure is probably more important than accuracy. More useful to know if you're moving in the right direction than exact numbers.
Daliso Ngoma
Daliso Ngoma@djngoma · CTO, African Technopreneurs
@mscccc tl;dr: The Body (formally WS50) seems accurate enough to me. I'm 6'2" (188cm), 88kg (194lbs), 16% body fat composition, on average for the last 3 months. I used to do DEXA scans myself, which cost me around 27 USD each scan and I would say Withings is close to my usual readings. Took my last one last year and that was a good 20% (87kg), but that was due to me lazing around. I used to hit 13% (84kg) the year prior. Currently using the older WS50 model, which seems to have been renamed to Body (correct me if I'm wrong). And I've been averaging 16.25% Body Fat for the last 3 months. This would be after getting back into a semi-fixed routine of body weight and basic jogging every week, and taking a weight gainer for a month or so. Haven't had time to do a DEXA (which I should do to give a proper comparison) but the figures aren't far off. As Ryan pointed out water weight would be contributor to the flux in numbers, which I see being off by around +/- 3% depending on the time of day I step on my scale (usually 12am/8am). If Tim Ferriss' book 4 Hour Body is anything to go by I do remember that he said readings would be different depending on the method used, but it would probably be wise to stick to one type of measurement as a baseline else recorded the readings would be quite far off. Currently do the same for my heart rate, so I skip on the scale to doing that for me as I constantly use my Apple Watch for those readings. Quite curious about the new Body Cardio and how it stacks up.
Rod Burt
Rod Burt@rodb729 · Co-Founder / Engineer at SensorBLE
Interesting claims around Pulse Wave Velocity. http://media-cdn.withings.com/pa...