Withings Body Cardio Scale

A scale that measures your full body composition

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Solely measuring one's weight can be very deceiving. One can fluctuate ~10 lbs simply in water weight.
The Verge's @KatieBoehret has a good overview on the product.
@rrhoover @katieboehret Yeah all of them are ultimately not very accurate, but I think its the best consumer product out there at the moment
@baidoct @rrhoover @katieboehret I meant best consumer SCALES currently. Aria is awesome
It's also worth mentioning that Withings makes really quality hardware. I've used one of the original scales daily for the last 4 years and it's only dropped WiFi once. That's more than I can say for many other consumer devices.
I am not sure if I ha e this exact one, but the body fat in mine is directional at best. I once checked myself in the morning and then had a proper hydrostatic rest later that day. 26% withings, 17% tank. That said, I also have a Skulpt and its numbers are more consistent with my Withings. End of the day you just want it going down, right :)
How accurate is it at measuring composition? Would be interested in seeing a comparison to something like a dexascan. With an at home scale like this, I think consistency of measure is probably more important than accuracy. More useful to know if you're moving in the right direction than exact numbers.
@mscccc tl;dr: The Body (formally WS50) seems accurate enough to me. I'm 6'2" (188cm), 88kg (194lbs), 16% body fat composition, on average for the last 3 months. I used to do DEXA scans myself, which cost me around 27 USD each scan and I would say Withings is close to my usual readings. Took my last one last year and that was a good 20% (87kg), but that was due to me lazing around. I used to hit 13% (84kg) the year prior. Currently using the older WS50 model, which seems to have been renamed to Body (correct me if I'm wrong). And I've been averaging 16.25% Body Fat for the last 3 months. This would be after getting back into a semi-fixed routine of body weight and basic jogging every week, and taking a weight gainer for a month or so. Haven't had time to do a DEXA (which I should do to give a proper comparison) but the figures aren't far off. As Ryan pointed out water weight would be contributor to the flux in numbers, which I see being off by around +/- 3% depending on the time of day I step on my scale (usually 12am/8am). If Tim Ferriss' book 4 Hour Body is anything to go by I do remember that he said readings would be different depending on the method used, but it would probably be wise to stick to one type of measurement as a baseline else recorded the readings would be quite far off. Currently do the same for my heart rate, so I skip on the scale to doing that for me as I constantly use my Apple Watch for those readings. Quite curious about the new Body Cardio and how it stacks up.
Interesting claims around Pulse Wave Velocity. http://media-cdn.withings.com/pa...