Peloton Tread

The popular fitness startup introduces a connected treadmill

Peloton Tread is a connected treadmill from the company that changed in-home fitness. Experience a mix of live cardio and strength workouts to fit your goals, and training by top NYC instructors that fits your schedule.

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BIG release from Peloton, the company that's been making a killing (valued >$1B in their last valuation) offering in-home stationary bikes paired with instructor sessions on a subscription basis. SoulCycle and others have helped popularize biking but so many more people run on treadmills. If the ~$4k price tag is daunting, buy a treadmill off Craigslist for a few hundreds dollars and download Studio.
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@rrhoover This is 'true' for the nerds of us, but however outrageously expensive, I actually think this Pelotred(tm) is going to be very successful. A lot of people actually like treadmill, but going to the gym is time consuming, uncomfy in bad weather, and in general requires interacting with other sweaty humans. Having a full-gym in your house, which you could literally put right in your bedroom, that's a huge plus. $4k sounds like a lot of money, but upscale gyms cost about that much per year, and there are plenty of people already paying for those gyms. This could be huge.
@rrhoover p.s. and I am saying all this as a person who can't do even 20 minutes on the treadmill without feeling like a hamster on a wheel. I am willing to admit though, there's a huge diff between this toy's potential and my personal desires :)
@kirillzubovsky agree, this will likely be huge for Peloton.
“We think only about half the workout will happen on the treadmill,” Mr. Foley said. “You’ll start with some jogging, perhaps sprints, then get off the treadmill, do curls, push-ups, planks, then get on the treadmill and start the cycle again. When you’re done, you’ll have spent 40 minutes there and burned 700 calories, and every part of your body will feel energized.” Very ambitious and lots of challenges to overcome convincing people to drop $$$. But I could see this cutting into the market of high intensity interval training gyms like Orangetheory. Being able to take those types of classes on demand/on your own time and getting a similar experience (minus the rowing) could be its biggest selling point.
Great job !! Video is so good ,do you mind sharing the name of the music track it sound really good. Great concept . The pricing is quite high in my opinion 😊 Any discounts on it
Hoping they’ll release a standalone app in addition to the treadmill bundle. The cycling app is well worth $12.95/month.
My TV at home is smaller than the Peloton screen, what the hell?