Product Hunt Weekly Digest
August 1st, 2021

$100M for no-code

If you had doubts about no-code’s future, perhaps $100 million could persuade you?

Last week, Bubble announced its Series A, following a 2019 seed round, preceded by 7 years of bootstrapping. Founder Emmanuel Straschnov told TechCrunch how they’ve been using the seed money.

“In our business, it’s a features game. [Our users] are not technical, but they have high standards.”

We’ve been introduced to some of those new features on Product Hunt; Bubble’s integrations for Zapier, Airtable, and Figma all launched in the last year. Like Zapier, Bubble also wants to invest in education through its own content and university partnerships.

Despite a growing list of competitors, the new features aren't necessarily part of a race to the finish.

“I don’t look at all the no-code players as competition… the true competition we have is code.”

In that spirit, here are five recent launches from startups on a similar mission — to democratize software development (or burst the tech bubble).

Adalo - Build apps for every platform

Glide 2.0 - Create web apps from Google Sheets (now without Google sheets, too)

Softr 2.0 - Build web apps & portals from Airtable

Noloco - Build custom web apps quickly

Dorik 2.0 - Build websites with unlimited pages without code

If you’re new to this or overwhelmed, you could check out No-Code Stack for tool recommendations, practice with Bubble’s step-by-step How to Build guide and recreate Twitter, or dive right in with the latest...

Try Dorik 2.0
This new posture corrector called Zen uses your webcam to monitor and correct your posture without recording or storing any visuals.
Stop slouching
How to optimize for enjoyment as an indie maker
"My goal is to build financial freedom. And to build tools that are useful for people, but not in a stressful way where I have to stretch myself and stop having fun.”
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