How to Build series by Bubble

Tutorials for building popular websites with no-code

Bubble's How To Build series is a comprehensive set of walkthroughs on recreating the Internet's biggest hits, step-by-step, without writing a single line of code. Build any web app, from marketplace to social network to streaming platform, with no code.
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Hello everyone, it's great to be here again since our first launch of Bubble in 2015. And thanks @bentossell for hunting us this time again! While no-code is now more popular than ever, people are still often skeptical that no-code tools can rival the power and depth of custom programming. This How to Build series by Bubble will prove them dead wrong: right now, it includes 20+ in-depth guides on how you can build custom versions of major web apps on Bubble— from Facebook, Twitter, and AirBnB to LinkedIn, Tinder, and Amazon— using Bubble's point-and-click, visual web editor. The posts focus in particular on one of the more important (and interesting!) steps which is the data structure and the data flow. Enabling people to build fully-functional and customizable web apps has been the goal of Bubble from day one, and I hope this series will help illustrate what no-code can do, and help people get up to speed. I'd love to get feedback here and answer questions!
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@bentossell @estraschnov Hi Emmanuel. Just looked at the awesome list of how tos. Which one would you say teaches how to structure the database in the best possible way for performance in Bubble?
@bentossell @carlos_marchan We put a lot of effort to make each tutorial great, so any of them would teach how to think about the structure, but if I had to pick one, I'd say the facebook one
@bentossell @estraschnov Fantastic 🖐️🖐️👌
Bubble is the most powerful and versatile no-code app development platform and without it we at Zeroqode wouldn't have been able to build 100+ no-code templates, many of which are mentioned in this collection of how-to-build guides. Our entire business is built on Bubble and it allowed us to scale from 0 to 30+ employees in just 4 years without any investment whatsoever. Go Bubble!
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@levon377 Thanks for the support, it's been quite a ride indeed over the last 4 years!
@levon377 Go Zeroqode! Your team is integral to the no-code ecosystem and your templates are going to be hugely helpful to beginner builders!
@levon377 I've been subscribed to the Zeroqode courses for a month. I like how the videos explain the process creating an app with a person telling you and showing you how to build the apps. I'm happy that Bubble has created this series, but I still think there is a benefit having someone to explain aspects of the user interface and talking me through the logic behind why we need to take certain steps during development.
This set of tutorials is addressing a single biggest issue with Bubble - people's healthy skepticism towards the "realness" of this framework (it usually comes across too good to be true, but it is). This will help more people to see the true beauty and power or Bubble, building amazing things from scratch, and using awesome templates to get a headstart 🚀 Kudos to the team of makers, this is awesome 😎
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@vlad_larin Thanks, it was indeed quite some work to put that together!
@vlad_larin Thanks Vlad for the kind words! We're also really excited for how this could help people build their ideas without spending excessive time and resources on development. I can't wait to see what people take away from this!
You know how much we love you guys 🤗
Super excited to check these out. Bubble has genuinely opened up my world and given me opportunities I never though possible. I went from being a non-technical ideas person to having multiple SaaS products built by me from the ground up. Sure, none of them are making much money yet, but it's nice to be at this stage at all. Thank you Emmanuel and team for building such a fantastic product.
@kieranball you’re very welcome. Still a long way to go!
Stoked to be involved in this 🙌 I've been using Bubble over the past year and I'm continually blown away with the capabilities of the platform. As a non-technical maker, I'm no longer restricted to the products I can build - solving one of my biggest pain points. Can't wait to more amazing experiences built with Bubble as the no-code landscape continuous to grow 🔥 What's your favourite Bubble-built product you've seen to date?
@lachlankirkwood Thanks for your hard work on this, it wouldn't have been possible to do this without you
@estraschnov Not a problem 👍
@lachlankirkwood You were instrumental! ✨