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$100M for no-code

If you had doubts about no-code’s future, perhaps $100 million could persuade you?

Yesterday, Bubble announced its Series A, following a 2019 seed round, preceded by 7 years of bootstrapping. Founder Emmanuel Straschnov told TechCrunch how they’ve been using the seed money.

“In our business, it’s a features game. [Our users] are not technical, but they have high standards.”

We’ve been introduced to some of those new features on Product Hunt; Bubble’s integrations for Zapier, Airtable, and Figma all launched in the last year. Like Zapier, Bubble also wants to invest in education through its own content and university partnerships.

Despite a growing list of competitors, the new features aren't necessarily part of a race to the finish.

“I don’t look at all the no-code players as competition… the true competition we have is code.”

In that spirit, here are five recent launches from startups on a similar mission — to democratize software development (or burst the tech bubble).

Adalo - Build apps for every platform

Glide 2.0 - Create web apps from Google Sheets (now without Google sheets, too)

Softr 2.0 - Build web apps & portals from Airtable

Noloco - Build custom web apps quickly

Dorik 2.0 - Build websites with unlimited pages without code

If you’re new to this or overwhelmed, you could check out No-Code Stack for tool recommendations, practice with Bubble’s step-by-step How to Build guide and recreate Twitter, or dive right in with the latest...

Try Dorik 2.0
Personalized videos are a key tactic for the modern-day salesperson, but they take time to create. If only you could... (squints at the Tavus launch) clone yourself…
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Indie maker Kyle Gawley launched Firelab today, a tool for eliminating bugs with automated testing. Full circle: it works with no-code tools like Bubble.