Product Hunt Daily Digest
March 14th, 2021

Where's the beef?
Sorry, carnivores. No meat here.

In honor of Meatless Monday and some new launches, we’re serving up some plant-based products.

🌱 Veganzone launched recently to foster a community of plant-based users. Find like-minded eaters nearby or across the world, chat, and attend or post events.

🥤 Smoothly is an app with tasty and healthy smoothie recipes for vegans and those with food intolerances.

👫 TofuTogether is an advert-free app to chat, date, and make friends with other vegan and vegetarian singles.

🌎 5 Vegan is a tool that lets you calculate the impact you’ve had on the environment by going vegan.

🐮 No Meat Today is a non-judgemental app to help you track and change your diet.

🥦 Kuri helps you cook with what’s in season to reduce your carbon footprint (Although not strictly vegan, Kuri notes that 92% of the recipes cooked by users were meat-free.)

Having someone in your circle who’s plant-based has become the norm. According to Veganzone, every year the population of vegans increases by 20% and vegetarians by 10%. Among the early adopters, many people noted that they shared a product with a friend.

Kick off your Meatless Monday with a new community or share with a plant-based bud.
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Gladys, an open-source assistant powered by Raspberry Pi, just launched Gladys Assistant 4.0. Founder Pierre-Gilles explains what’s new:

"We’ve completely reworked the product, with simple goals:

  • Great UX with no need to learn CLI to use Gladys Assistant
  • Stable product, with an automatic & seamless upgrade process
  • Fast
  • Lightweight"

  • If privacy is at the top of your concerns or has prevented you from home automation in general, this might be a good time to try Gladys.
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