Product Hunt Daily Digest
February 4th, 2021

Become a 'Meme-Dealer'
On Sunday night, Elon Musk confessed on Clubhouse the secret to being a meme-king on Twitter was to use 'meme-dealers.'

No sooner was this uttered, than young maker Bereket got to work preparing for a Product Hunt launch to help everyone become an Elon Musk style meme-dealer.

Of course, there are many tools to help you source or make your own memes. Here's a short selection that have launched on Product Hunt over the years:

Kapwing: Collaborative platform for creating GIFs and memes

Me-me: Search dank and funny memes

Frinkiac: Make memes from your favorite Simpsons episode

Meta-meme: A marketplace to buy, sell and collect rare memes

Meme Factory: A decentralized meme marketplace and registry

Mehmz: Make memes with your friends

Now you too can become a 'dealer of memes'.
Deal Memes
Speaking of memes, this Funday Friday product pulls its name from a spoof on the "Printing Machine goes BRRR" meme.

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