Search dank and funny memes

Evan Binder
  • Pros: 

    Good Concept / Design


    1) Search results are too broad

    2) No search by platform (eg vine / youtube / tumblr / reddit)

    3) No search by genre (shitpost / wholesome

    Not the hero that we want, nor the one we need, but the one we deserve.

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Oh man! how did the guys at manage to get the domain!

It is worth $2m 😱

@adithya That's exactly what I was wondering. 😳😱
@adithya Your reflection made me realize that renting domain names should be a thing.
@adithya Yes someone please chime in on this. Wondered same thing
@adithya honestly, we just asked a bunch of times. That and memes went mainstream in 2016, so I think it became clearer to them what we were doing wasn't a meme tumblr blog.
@kristofertm @adithya Here's their about page. All of the links for the main profiles lead nowhere or are null though. You just get names.
Probably the most amazing domain name I've seen in a while.
@mynhpark try out the search. It'll be the biggest let down you've seen in a while.
Best. Name. Ever
what a great name