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Kapwing is an online image, GIF, and video meme generator for your favorite content.

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This will see 100% of it's use, spamming my company @slack. Thank you for this.
Congrats @JuliaEnthoven on the hunt! For those interested: There's a great interview with the founder on IndieHackers https://www.indiehackers.com/bus...
Hey @marcorei thanks for tagging me and for sharing the article! Would love to hear your thoughts about the product. We're still developing our feature set and always looking for ideas on how Kapwing can make video content creation easier, cheaper, and more fun
$10/month for this? That's insane - would be best to make a desktop version and sell it for a one time fee.
@erickbarron86 well, that's only for removing the watermark… Still a lot to be asking but presumably targeting social media marketers etc.
@erickbarron86 Kapwing is free to use! Like @shimmb said we only charge to remove the watermark, and we don't gate any features behind the premium membership. And believe it or not marketing firms charge hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars for some of the editing tasks we support (like adding subtitles and resizing assets), so $10 is a steal for the content creators that need it
You've been super busy! Congrats on landing Chubbies as a customer - definitely great validation there.
@__cbo__ Thanks Cole! Yeah it’s been awesome to work with these brands and content creators, would love to hear what you think of the product :)
@juliaenthoven I think it is a good UX..can definitely see the biz value immediately, the custom watermark is obviously critical. I wonder if you could charge more and enhance the feature set to compete against the Buzz Feeds of the world, eventually. All the facebook eyes are on short, text-filled videos so that we all can keep our computers on silent and still understand what is going on in the video we shouldn't be watching at that particular moment.

huge fan of Kapwing and highly recommend


Best tool online for all editing, very easy to use


only avail on web right now