Meme Factory

A marketplace To buy, sell & collect rare dank memes

Meme Factory is a platform for the creation, issuance, and exchange of provably rare digital collectibles on the Ethereum blockchain. These memes exist indefinitely on the blockchain, giving a
strong incentive to create and collect as many as possible.
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8 Reviews4.4/5
I've followed this project since its inception, and have been anxiously anticipating the release of this project. As a digital collectibles marketplace build on a blockchain, it's going to be fascinating to watch the proliferation of digital art and memes and see what it becomes.

First of it's kind digital collectibles marketplace build onto Ethereum.


Gives a strong use case for blockchain and cryptocurrency and combines art and memes.


The user experience of Ethereum is rapidly improving, but still may be cumbersome to the outsider.

Watching for them in telegram for a long term. Let's use it and get experience!


That's first product released in district0x ecosystem!


it needs many early adopters

Small clarification, district0x has a couple of other products too: Ethlance and Name Bazaar.
Hello PH, We're so excited to share what we've been working on with the PH community. πŸš€ Few notes: - You'll need an Ethereum wallet to submit, buy or sell the memes. We’d recommend Coinbase Wallet for mobile or a simple browser extension like MetaMask on desktop. - Meme Factory is powered by DANK (our special ERC-20 token). - DANK can be acquired through a one-time faucet which will dispense DANK to a connected Ethereum wallet. - Any submitted meme must first pass through the DANK Registry before being offered for sale in the marketplace. - You can also earn cryptocurrency by voting which memes can be allowed into the marketplace. - Each meme is finite and provably rare, meaning its authenticity, scarcity and origin can all be traced on a blockchain. The number of each meme issued is set by the creator who uploads it into the marketplace. - Check out for full instructions. We’d love to get your feedback and answer any questions you might have. Thanks PH community! πŸ’œ
So excited to see the release of Meme factory - a look into the future of digital assets