Search every Simpsons episode, make memes, be a badass

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Wow, 3M+ screencaps? Curious how they did this. I just made this:
Hey @rrhoover! @reaperhulk, one of the makers, wrote a blog post that includes some of the technical details, but we're happy to answer any other questions you might have. :)
The Simpsons is my favorite show so this is GOLD. That said, the landing page is kind of intimidating in that I had no idea what to search first. Might be kind of cool to provide some common searches or popular images so people can get started without being faced with an empty search field.
@p_ngu "I had no idea what to search first" <-- Agree.
@p_ngu I totally agree. We put that on hold for launch, but it's in the hopper! Any suggestions for what the default search(es) should be?
@seriousallie Good question, maybe fun things like beer, food, dancing, party, etc. or popular Simpsons scenes. Perhaps chat with the Giphy team about what categories/searches people do, they're probably pretty up to date on popular search terms!
Love it and as a huuuuge Simpsons fan I thank you!
@paulparsons1981 Yay! I'm so glad you like it!
This one may need to get appended to our Slackbot bug reports.