A low-code/no-code development tool that aims to make it easy for anybody to build their own applications. Backed by a database in AWS and a web-based, drag-and-drop interface builder.
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Good potential, but UI is ugly as hell.
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Of the no-code builders, it appears very similar to Appgyver - with a nicer interface and automations, but without some key features ie the ability to connect to external data
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Tried it today. Good beta launch. I really like the Automation functionality But still far from useful. No many-to-many relationship AFAIK. No public app. Front-end design is an effort. Need app to view on mobile (what!) Still some way to go before it is as good as Glide
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It appears to be more similar to Internal or maybe Retool with its internal tooling and workflows focus. But Honeycode is ultimately competing with the spreadsheet.
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@rrhoover Yes it reminds me of Retool for sure.
@rrhoover Well so does Airtable, Appsheet, and a lot of other no/low code companies.
@rrhoover you forgot Forest Admin, we love the familiar spreadsheet/table view ;) https://www.forestadmin.com/
Well... this could be interesting.
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