Product Hunt Daily Digest
August 18th, 2020

Creating virtual side-chats
Talking to friends online is not the same as face to face. But technology is getting us pretty close.

Recently, UC Berkeley students, Anmol Parande and Shomil Jain launched Voiceroom, a spatially-aware voice chat web-app.

This browser-based voice chat emulates the way you talk with your friends IRL. When you move around the room, the app modifies how you hear other participants, bringing you the effect of proximity. You can maintain side-chats, without being the focal point of the whole group.

Voiceroom currently supports all major browsers (Chrome, Safari, and Firefox) and rooms up to 15 people. You can try the demo to see it in action.

The spatially aware audio space is gaining in traction in recent times.

In May, we talked in more detail about the launch of Spatial, a collaborative work space that turns any room into an infinite AR/VR workplace creating an experience of working together as if you were face to face.

Whether for work or for more information social interactions, we've seen interesting innovations in recent months to improve open collaboration and create communication tools as close to real-life interactions as possible.

Here are a few more to check out:

SpatialChat brings the cocktail party effect online and promises no more boring team happy hours and lame birthday parties on Zoom.

CozyRoom can be used to create spatial audio environments to talk and spend time with friends.

High Fidelity is an online 3D audio space creator that mimics real-life gatherings.

Breakroom is a 3D social hub for remote teams, classes, and virtual events.
Try Voiceroom
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