Free peer-to-peer spatial audio environments

A fun way to talk and spend time with friends over the Internet
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Hey all 👋 Really I built Cozyroom because I was tired of Zoom and wanted to design friendlier ways to talk to people online. It's also entirely free and peer-to-peer, audio is streamed directly between browsers without passing through our servers. I'd love for your feedback and suggestions, we really want to build a software that is both useful and fun. Hope you enjoy (and psst... invite your friends)
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Social tools are best tried with other people! Join the party at "37 Cozy Avenue" I'll be hanging out here on and off throughout the day, come say hi!
One of the most unique products I've seen in a while - everything about it feels so cozy! ✨
Came across this on Twitter and it looks lovely. Sort of a cross between Roger Wilco and Habbo Hotel in the early 2000s. Would love to join a room with the makers, Azlen and Jon!
is this like but with voice rooms to talk in real time?
Congratulations on the launch!