High Fidelity

Online audio spaces that mimic real-life gatherings

High Fidelity creates a 3D audio experience that mirrors real life. Move fluidly from group chats to one-on-one conversations in a virtual space that feels like an in-person party or event.
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High Fidelity started out in 2013 hoping that VR hardware would be as ubiquitous as the mobile phone by 2020. Turns out, we’re far from that reality. Our mission from the beginning has been to serve humanity by building technology that helps people be together, in the most natural way possible, from anywhere in the world. So we have spent the last several months optimizing our patented 3D audio technology to work on nearly any device. It’s designed for crowds -- you can hear 3D surround sound of everyone near you and hear others who are in the distance.This new version of High Fidelity is cloud-based and works using a browser. Everyone in your family, all of your friends and colleagues, have a device that should be able to use it. People can use it to connect with each other for a wide variety of reasons — from listening to live music, to family gatherings, hosting parties, networking at conferences, big festivals, political rallies, classrooms, happy hours, or anything else you can dream up.
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@philiprosedale Congratulations on the launch! I think Facemoji Kit could take the happy hours to a next level 🤩 and will cost just a few extra bytes per second 🤓
@philiprosedale, congrats! So excited to see this new direction. It's a really smart product.
@philiprosedale Congrats! As a fan of High Fidelity, I'm excited how this will turn out to be 📈 This would catch both accessibility & immersion for everyone - will try for sure!
@philiprosedale Congrats for the get featured. I have sent you a message on High Fidelity FB page. Feel free to reply me. Thank you
@robinraszka Thanks Robin - is there a browser-based version of Facemoji?
This is the missing link in online conferencing systems. This is the breakout room and the coffee after the talk. Brilliant.
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@mark_toner We're happy to hear that, Mark! Thanks for checking out High Fidelity.
LIMITED-TIME PRODUCT HUNT COMMUNITY OFFER: Looking to host a virtual party or event? If you want help creating a custom background for it we’ll happily help you out for free! And if you need to accommodate a bigger crowd of people, we'll happily cover those premium costs for your first event. This is a limited-time offer so get a jump on it. Email contact@highfidelity.com and put "Product Hunt Offer" in the subject line. (Offer good through July 31, 2020.) Restrictions apply, but our goal is to do our best to help people be successful.
Glad to see more experimentation with audio/voice. We're seeing it in the workplace with Tandem, Watercooler, Yac, among others. And several on the consumer/social side with Clubhouse, Cappuccino, Storm, etc. I'm curious, what's the most interesting or surprising use case for High Fidelity so far, @philiprosedale?
@rrhoover Thank you! We had an experimental party a couple months ago where about 100 people from NYC who hadn't seen each other since COVID started came together. There were several DJs and musicians playing live, and everyone was very happy and chased each other around in conga lines going between the musicians. Later we all sang "New York, New York" in a big circle. It felt certain this was something that could make people happy.
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@rrhoover The virtual events space is going through such an upheaval that we’re seeing some really forward-thinking organizations turning to High Fidelity to fill the void and bring people together in a more natural and enjoyable way than videoconferencing tools can. A couple really cool additional use cases that standout to me are Pride celebrations, academic gatherings, a summer camp, and a "beach party" themed music festival.
I really like the idea of having a space to walk around, start off with people in a smaller area and instead of having to switch Zoom or WebEx sessions, which is always taking too much time, you could do breakout sessions in the same space – I love it! I believe there's a huge potential and I'm looking forward to see how it evolves! Thanks to @ashleighh and the others also for immediately answering my first questions and welcoming me in the Product Hunt community welcome space! Features I'd like to see: - share your screen so you can present something (maybe even several people at the same time?) - more admin tools (mute all, raise hands, set background image for all without having to change the URL, etc.) - easier setup of streaming music – on Mac it's a real hassle to set it up (e.g. admin could be able to place sound sources/dots through YouTube URLs, which just take the audio) - press shift to "run" ;-) Thanks a lot dear High Fidelity Team!
@ashleighh @beleevens Thanks for the great feedback and ideas Dom! All great suggestions!
@beleevens @fazimmerman AGREE! Nice to meet you in High Fidelity!
@ashleighh @beleevens That's my list to, plus routing the same audio source to a lot of dots/speakers and/or setting the audio range of a speaker/dot! Love this product thanks
@ashleighh @drewbeck as admin you already can change your personal range (e.g. also "to everybody in the whole space"). But yes, would be interesting to have more options here, maybe also for visitors. :)