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July 20th, 2020

The end of pointless meetings
We’ve all been in a meeting that should have been an email. Some information is just more efficiently shared asynchronously.

That doesn’t mean that all meetings are pointless. They’re a necessary part of working life, but the misplaced meeting notes, back and forth scheduling, forgotten action items, and open agendas are frustrating (especially right before lunchtime 😋).

Luckily there are now plenty of tools available to make meetings better. We’ve seen an increasing number of products emerge in this space. Here are a few:

Rate the meeting helps with scheduling and gathering feedback after each meeting

Hugo turns your calendar into a collaborative note-taking tool

Navigator creates a collaborative workspace for each meeting

Jottie brings note-taking, to-do lists and decisions making to meetings

Tooqan collects honest feedback post meeting from attendees

Loom kills the meeting (we love and use it at Product Hunt)

Veed is an alternative to Loom that records your screen and webcam side by side

Range visualizes your team’s daily standup asynchronously in Slack

Meetingbird means you can avoid the back and forth when scheduling a meeting

And when you’re stuck in a painful meeting, use Callback to fake an "emergency call". We won’t tell. 😉

(Image credit: reddit /Vizzer97/)
Rate your meetings
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