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I hate meetings. I hate them less when they're run with Meetingbird. The software holds people accountable and adds transparency plus documentation to a project when it's needed most.
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@ilikevests Thanks Kevin! Hey Product Hunt! I'm Paul, one of the founders of Meetingbird. We built Meetingbird because we've been part of so many teams, small and large, that were frustrated by how unproductive and disorganized their meetings were. We want to change that. Meetingbird takes a project management approach to meetings that makes teams more transparent and productive. Along with real-time collaborative meeting notes, Meetingbird groups related meetings and creates a chronological list of meetings that have a common purpose. This way, meetings connect directly to a team goal or project, and each meeting builds on the progress of the last one. Our experience with early users over the past few months makes us confident that this approach creates happier teams that accomplish more. More about our vision for meetings here: Around all day for questions - let us know what you think! Paul
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@ilikevests It's surprising how little attention we give to having effective meetings.. I think it's become more of a social activity and less about the goal
@ilikevests Yes meetings suck, but this app helps a lot. To meet friends in your private time I prefer to get directions and how long I need to reach the location. Check this one:
Oh wow, this is awesome. Another great product out of Mentimeter West!
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How do you handle guests? About 75% of my meetings involve people outside of my organization and so far I have yet to find meeting software that doesn't ask (lawyers, clients, investors) to go create an account.
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@arlogilbert Hey Arlo - glad you asked! Meetingbird allows you to collaborate on a meeting with anyone, even people that don’t have Meetingbird accounts. You can set the sharing preferences of any meeting to 1) allow anyone with the link to edit notes 2) allow anyone with the link to view notes or 3) only allow fellow team members to access the meeting. Here’s an example of a view only meeting that anyone can access:
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@henry_dornier I think there is sometimes a disconnect between how tech companies view meetings and how everybody else does. For my lawyers, accountants, marketing agencies etc... a meeting is a call, they take notes on their end. They will never log into anything. It's virtually impossible to get a 60 year old to suddenly decide that clicking a link to view an agenda is valuable. What I was talking about is not who can view the meeting but how you handle action items. For example in Do and Worklife both I can't just assign an action item to without them getting invitations to join and links, what WOULD be useful would be if I could add a person without them getting an invite or a notification and only include them for summary and to notify them of action items assigned to them. If all of the people on the meeting are internal then you can mandate behavior, but when you're dealing with external parties you'll never get them to participate in new tools that your company uses.
@arlogilbert got it. We are in the process of building a way to quickly email out summaries and assigned action items after a meeting has finished (even to participants outside your team). Feel free to DM me and I'll reach out when that feature is released.
@arlogilbert We didn't ask for guests to sign up with our meeting product. You could also assign tasks to an invited address without them being logged into the meeting.
@arlogilbert @henry_dornier @something I know what you mean. I used a product called MeetingSense that addressed some of those issues. I could set up meetings in Outlook and the agenda would be sent with the meeting invite. I'd take notes and assign action items and after the call I could send out the notes, and decide to include the agenda, files, action items etc. Having the thread of old meetings, notes, action items was a huge value. Asking users to "join" a meeting (in another tool) is a common problem. This looks promising, but the pricing might be a deal breaker for me. I work at a huge company, but i'd be looking to use it just with my group for now and paying per user would be cost prohibitive. Integration into Outlook and other tools will also be key. Good luck, looks great
I love meetingbird! As a startup, time is your most valuable resource and you shouldn't have unproductive meetings! Love tools that solve this :)
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