Supercharge your team's meetings

Would you recommend Meetingbird to a friend?


Kevin Hale
@ilikevests · Managing Partner, Y Combinator
I hate meetings. I hate them less when they're run with Meetingbird. The software holds people accountable and adds transparency plus documentation to a project when it's needed most.
Derek Jobst
@derekjobst · Senior at UPenn
Oh wow, this is awesome. Another great product out of Mentimeter West!
Arlo Gilbert
@arlogilbert · Founder & Angel
How do you handle guests? About 75% of my meetings involve people outside of my organization and so far I have yet to find meeting software that doesn't ask (lawyers, clients, investors) to go create an account.
Pame Valdés
@pamevls · CEO, Beek
I love meetingbird! As a startup, time is your most valuable resource and you shouldn't have unproductive meetings! Love tools that solve this :)
Alan G
@alan_g · Red Panda
lol! Hooli! Pied Piper! Bachmanity! Raviga! Gavin!