There’s a new Range app for Slack!
✅ Run daily Check-ins with your team.
📎 Easily attach work from GitHub, GitLab, Asana, Jira, Trello, Google Docs and more.
✨ Keep your team channel tidy with threaded notifications.
➕ App Home, Comment replies, and more.
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😻 Range is FREE till the end of the year for the first 100 teams who sign up with the referral code: “PRODUCTHUNT”. Enjoy! ——— Hello! I’m a co-founder and head of product here at Range. The team has been working incredibly hard to launch this new Range app for Slack. If you’re already using Range and Slack, this will be a huge upgrade to your workflow. If you’re new to Range, it’s the best way to keep your team connected while everyone’s working remote. Range lets you run daily Check-ins with your team, it connects up to all your tools to make writing a Check-in super easy, and it has team questions that make Check-ins actually fun! I know there’s a lot of makers in this community, so here’s a detailed rundown of all the Slack features that I’m particularly excited about today: 👍 Easy setup — You can now Sign in to Range with your Slack account, invite your team, and be ready to go in minutes. We’ll guide you through every step. ✅ Check-ins from Slack — We creatively used the Slack modal API to build an excellent Check-in experience right from Slack. You can even search for activity from connected integrations like GitHub, Jira, etc. 💬 Comments — This might be my favorite. You can now easily reply to Range comments in Slack. You can even see the whole thread for context. 🤓 Slash commands — We added a bunch of Slash commands. “/checkin” lets you check in to Range from anywhere. There’s also some fun commands like “/range timezones”. Type “/range help” to see them all. 🧵 Notification threading — Some teams really want to keep their team channel tidy, so you can choose to have one Check-in thread per day. 🔖 Remember tasks — When someone asks you to do something in Slack, you can now click the [...] button on the message and choose “Add to my plan” in Range. 🏠 Slack App Home — Click on “Range” in your Slack sidebar, and you’ll be able to see up-to-date lists of who’s checked-in on your teams. 🚩 Bonus notifications — We also send messages to the team Slack channel for relevant info like Meeting notes, Objective updates, and Flags. Phew, that’s a lot! I hope you and your team check out Range and our new Slack app. We’re always working to make Range better, but the only way we can do that is through feedback from customers. So please do let us know what you think! Cheers!
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I'm really proud of the team's work on this launch. There are a lot of visible changes, but even more under the hood. Range's first integration with Slack was built 3 years ago and used the RTC event stream and course permissions. Since then Slack have made considerable improvements to the API, introducing granular permissions and encouraging the use of the REST API and various webhooks for events and interactions. Making these kinds of changes are like changing the wheels on a moving train, and require considerable choreography. We hope you enjoy the improvements and if you're working with the Slack API our team would be happy to chat about our experiences.
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@stephyeung from our team just posted a few developer tips for how to build Range apps. They're focused on supporting user interactions, which is tricker than on other platforms. 👉
I love the mood check features!
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@nunziomartinello Ditto! It's such a great way to encourage openness and trust on the team.
Transforms the ways that our team works together.
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Every day at Range we get to learn from the thoughtful and hardworking teams that use Range. And what we’ve heard over and over again is that they spend a lot of time in Slack. We knew that taking our Slack app to the next level was an important step for our product, and I’m really excited to share it with our teams today. And we can’t wait to keep learning—please share what you like, dislike, or wish our app did. We’ll be here taking notes and continuing to improve. 😸