The farm in your palm that self-waters and illuminates!

🌱 Pico makes growing easy and fun. For those who never owned a plant, killed dozens, or watched their ghost orchids flower. Pico self-waters your plants, and lights even the darkest corners with its powerful LEDs. Get your fingers dirty and #GrowFromHome.
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Hey Product Hunters! Arun here, founder of AltiFarm and creator of the Pico planter. I’m super excited to be back here again! After our Altifarm and Herbstation projects were successfully delivered, we collected feedback from thousands of backers that wanted something smaller and more portable. A plant pot they could fit anywhere. One that made it just as easy to grow plants as our other bigger setups. So we took what we had, spent a year redesigning everything from the ground up—and created Pico! Pico features the same self-watering mechanism, and 4 powerful OSRAM LEDs that cover the spectrum of light that a plant needs. With its telescopic arm, it can help plants grow up to 5x faster. And with its small form and multiple hanging options, you can place it anywhere from your desk to magnetically attaching it to your fridge. We want to help people grow their own plants. To teach the patience and joy of plant parenting to children. To free you from the worries of watering. And to give you the opportunity to serve every meal with your own freshly picked homegrown herbs. I’m happy to answer any questions, gather more suggestions, and invite you to join our #GrowFromHome movement!
It is very ironic to show a girl named Anna Brown that says "I support #SayNoToPlastic" at the 7th second of the video and then selling her a $32 plastic vase that consumes a lot energy during the production and usage of the product(because of the lightning) which inevitably will turn to a plastic waste at the end of the day. I felt embarressed and angry about the idea since it gives more harm than good. Sorry for the realistic and harsh comment, I hope the idea turns into a more useful one in time.
@evrimsonmez Hi Evrim, Interesting point there about plastic. The fact remains that thermoplastics remain to be the most cost-effective and viable material to mass produce consumer durables, which is why we see them everywhere around us. Pico could not have been made with ceramics or composites at this scale, functionality and price point. It is important that we minimize the use of single use plastic use for consumables and food-wrapping, while as a product company we build products that are build to last, durable, functional and recyclable.
Backed the 3-pack version! I am a serial plant killer
@narek_vardanyan Awesome, thanks for supporting :)
Cool innovation, how did you come up with this idea?😎🌱🍀