Slightly Browning Fake Plants

High-quality replicas of acceptable-quality plants.

Slightly Browning Fake Plants creates high-quality replicas of acceptable-quality plants. After all, who would ever doubt a slightly browning plant?

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Good morning, PH!! Let's be real -- your plant is dead. Don’t fool yourself. Don’t try watering it. And don’t you dare go out and buy another succulent. Face it: you can’t take care of plants. No one can. But everyone should look like they can—at least at a “B” level. No one deserves the leering eye of the gardening leisure class, judging your substandard horticulture, your humiliating lack of southern exposure. That’s what drives us at Slightly Browning Fake Plants. We aspire to bring you the highest-quality replicas of acceptable-quality plants. Because everyone's a little hurt; everyone's a little bent. Everyone is Slightly Browning. And everyone deserves slightly better.
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@trubrian Are they made from biodegradable / recyclable materials?
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@abadesi Slightly Browning Fake Plants are 100% recyclable. You could flip it over and use it as a broom. You could use the pot as a bowl. There’s no end to the ways you can repurpose SBFP because they are not at all biodegradable. Next version! 🙏🏼
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@trubrian that writing is too brilliant.
@richp_ thank you, sir! Joint effort with the master, @kurtslaw.
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@rrhoover, sounds like you need to add one to the collection! ;)
I'm pretty sure you buy a fake plant so that you don't have to worry about this exact problem you are trying to fix.
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@tostartafire But don't fake plants look too good?? So good, it's suspect?
@trubrian For $45 I can buy many real plants that will smartly brown with weather and even improve appearance when watered. I mean, the pricing is all wrong... for 10k I get a trip but only 2 plants. For a $1000 I get 1000 pins but no plants. It seems like the more you spend the less plants you get. I get it... it's cute, it's fun, it's a lifestyle (somehow) but at the end of the day it's also money. Too much money for too little "real fake plants".
45 dollars for a fake succulent is a bit much isn't it. You could probably buy more than 5 real ones for this price. Nice fake plants tho !
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@imromains My thoughts exactly! I don't think fake plants are made of recyclable materials either 😕
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@imromains, if we assume that one could kill 5 succulents in a year and that a SBFP has a lifetime of perhaps 10 years (assuming your cat doesn't demolish it), I think the ROI is there. Amortizing the cost of $45 over that period of time is exponentially cheaper than buying new plants every year! ;)
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@mondakranta_s You're too kind to us!
@trubrian You're too genius to not to. Umm.