Too long; didn't listen - bookmark and discover podcasts.

TL;DL is the best podcast app designed to help you discover new shows. It's the app to discover podcasts, bookmark parts of your favorite episodes, discuss and share shows with friends . TLDL makes podcast listening truly social.
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Thanks so much for hunting us @chrismessina !! Hey PH! I'm really excited to be sharing TL;DL with you all! @michael_li3 and I have been working on this for a while now but we didn't want to launch until we were 1000% sure that we would be using the product regularly. And we think it's ready! TL;DL is a podcast app that's breaking away from the traditional concept of what a podcast player is supposed to be. The main way to consume new audio content on TL;DL is the feed where you don't necessarily find new episodes but instead find bookmarks of podcast episodes made by your friends or picked by us. You can also easily make bookmarks on TL;DL by searching for any podcast show you want to listen to. You can also make bookmarks from other podcast apps like Apple Podcasts, Castro, Overcast, etc. using TL;DL's share extension! Hope you like the app, we're just getting started and still have a lot of things planned for the product. Feel free to ask me any questions/hit me up with feedback. Wooo!
The podcast version of "try before you buy", love it !
@tumelomakgaka good tag line!
Did you just used comic sans?
@vd_thatte But in the product video you had not enough balls for comic sans :P - great product btw
@vd_thatte @thecloudartist had to go for the retro Apple aesthetic 😎
@thecloudartist Hahaha that was also my first thought :D
Is this coming on Android? 😳
@jefferson_jadulco just iOS for now :)
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@vd_thatte LOVE THIS. I would absolutely use this to make it easier to find interesting podcasts. I envision a future where you can see what your friends and even influencers are listening to, which would certainly make it easier to identify the great, specific episodes. This seems like a product that requires network effects to kick in before it becomes part of people's habits. How do you think people will get "hooked" on the product/this way of consuming and tracking podcasts before they have the benefit of seeing what a lot of other people they care about are listening to?
@vd_thatte @melissajoykong hey Melissa! I've been wondering the same thing, so I've been building SharedMic for fun. I feel like it will be difficult to get people on a single platform, do you have any experience with that?