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Product Hunt Daily Digest
July 2nd, 2020


If you’ve logged on to tech Twitter in the past few days and aren’t sure what the hell is going on, well, you’re probably better off. Time to log out, open Disney+ and watch Hamilton or Frozen 2 instead and start enjoying the long weekend.

In other tech news this week, the folks over at Yelling At Cubicles (aka YAC) hit us with an update. You might remember the team from their Maker Story last year where cofounder Justin Mitchell unpacks how 1 tweet led them to raise $400K. Pretty impressive stuff. Fun Fact: YAC started as a project during our first ever Makers Festival in 2018 where they went on to win a Silver Kitty Trophy.

YAC is a voice messaging app for remote teams, a kind of Slack-meets-Clubhouse scenario. In its latest update, you can leave a voice note for your team in Slack – in a group or in public. Anyone can sign up with their team, and for the next week, the Product Hunt community can get a 25% discount off their annual plan with the code PRODUCTHUNT.

With more teams working remotely now than ever before, we have seen a surge in similar tools start to emerge. We wrote about this in more detail back in May, looking in particular at Walkie and WaterCooler.

At Product Hunt we have recently started using Tandem for informal team hang time. So far so good. But we do love trying new products, so we’re not ruling out any of the newer tools from our Stack just yet.
Try YAC 2.0
Onboarding new team members remotely will be a new challenge for many teams right now. This tool aims to make life easier for new starters to get up to speed quickly, regardless of their physical location.
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