Product Hunt Weekly Digest
June 14th, 2020

Working remotely? Time to relocate
If you’re new to remote work, the endless options of where you could move can give you FOMO.

The remote work revolution started “gradually, then suddenly,” as penned by Matt Mullenweg. Within a few weeks, everyone from Square to Shopify was announcing permanent or extended WFH policies.

Here's a list of tools for digital nomads looking for a change:

First, start out with the practical stuff. Take your list of dream cities and plug them into a Relocation Calculator to find how far your salary goes on the basics. 💸

If early retirement is high on your list, scout out cities with a lower cost of living with this Financial Independence Calculator. 🏖

Timezones become really important with a distributed team so you’ll want to look closely at timezone overlap with your teammates.⌚️

A little tip: plan a trial trip before you lock it in. Test out a new city first by staying at an Outsite with fellow nomads. 👋

All this said, it’s still a tricky time to move right now, especially internationally. Keep tabs on travel restrictions for countries on your dream list with MayWeLeave. ✈️
Relocation Calculator
Figma has a new competitor.

Relate just launched a new design tool that translates pixels to code. This isn't the first attempt at this promise but we're eager to try it out.
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Pusher Beams is a hosted notifications API for developers who need critical transactions delivered every time. Trigger rich notifications automatically for every event in your app using a single function and reach users instantly across multiple apps, devices and locations.

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