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How early can you 🍹retire if you move to another place?

#4 Product of the WeekMarch 26, 2018

Considering retiring early? Moving to another place might make sense.

Cost of living varies wildly around the world and if the return on your investment is bigger than your spending, it means you can retire there.

This tools tells you where you can retire early.

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This is great! What do the yellow highlights denote?
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I came here looking for the answer to this question as well @levelsio
@lancescadden1 They're particularly good cities to live in (with high nomad scores)
What about inflation?
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@fredrikaurdal You generally want to use a annual rate in this calculator that reflects the on your diversified investment portfolio reduced for inflation. That means a 6% expected return with 2% inflation is 4%. That’s also generally mentioned as the Safe Withdrawal Rate, which is a rate highly probably to not lose your principal investment from.
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This was a very stealthy new product. Not your typical style. Dope 🚬🚬 @levelsio
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@levelsio @dredurr that's only because he made it in only 26 hours :P
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@amrith 26 hours... Was a bet placed in the WIP chat, that I missed?

Doesn't work, VERY VERY slow and when it loads, results are off


Good idea


Doesn't work, VERY VERY slow and when it loads, results are off

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This is awesome. Great work! Feature request: Ability to filter down the countries based on Nomadlist factors, like Peace, Healthcare, English Speaking etc.
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@alikapadia good suggestions