Relocation Calculator

Cost of living calculator to plan your relocation

Wonder how to negotiate your salary to move in a city you never lived in?
Based on your current earnings, the relocation tool will calculate the cost-of-living of any city and how much you need to make to maintain your living standards wherever you move.
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Data about the cities is coming from...?
@claudiocodispoti it's from survey respondents , any research you'll do you'll have the exact # of people that responded to fabricate the data points displayed. Hope this is helpful! :)
@eva_perry I mean the origin of the datapoints, are yours based on what kind of databases? Do you collect your own? This is what I mean :)
@claudiocodispoti Yes exactly we do collect our own!
@eva_perry What's the difference with Numbeo then?
Hi everyone! Thanks for checking out our newest product! We are excited to launch on Product Hunt today πŸš€ This relocation calculator is meant to scratch a huge mental itch people have when moving cities. How much do you need to make to mantain your living standards in your new city? With the relocation tool it becomes very simple to understand how much more 😫 (or less 😎) you'll need to live confortably in the new city you're planning to move to. Negotiating your salary on your next job will never be that easy! We take into consideration all the elements that constitute your spendings and can give you an approximation of the cost of rent, transportation, groceries, etc We hope you'll like this tool it as much as we do -- we are looking forward to getting your feedback
@eva_perry Thank you for sharing this. This is very useful if the data are accurate ;)
Love the concept, but missing the entire Midwest so not very useful right now.
@adamnielsen you are right -- we've recently added a big bunch of U.S cities to the tool so you should have most of it now! Let me know :)
Love this! Bookmarked. It's missing Denver, CO though.
thanks so much @jaredlodwick ! I'm glad you like it -- the tool will hopefully help you negotiate your salary next time you're moving :)
@jaredlodwick working on it :)
@jaredlodwick you should find it now!
Super smart idea! Will share this.