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April 29th, 2020

Create a no-code clone
Imitation is flattery, and now you can clone the UI of popular websites like Facebook, Netflix and Slack without writing a single line of code.

Bubble just launched step-by-step tutorials for how to recreate the internet’s biggest hits using their point-and-click visual web editor.

“While no-code is now more popular than ever, people are still often skeptical that no-code tools can rival the power and depth of custom programming. This series by Bubble will prove them dead wrong,” says the maker Emmanuel.

If you’re interested in UI and UX, it’s an opportunity to look under the hood to see how these popular sites were built piece by piece. Although you likely won’t want to build a carbon copy, you can easily adopt some frameworks that fit your product vision.

The PH community is excited about what this could mean for the future of no-code:

“Bubble has genuinely opened up my world and given me opportunities I never though possible. I went from being a non-technical ideas person to having multiple SaaS products built by me from the ground up.” - Kieran

“This set of tutorials is addressing a single biggest issue with Bubble - people's healthy skepticism towards the "realness" of this framework. This will help more people to see the true beauty and power or Bubble, building amazing things from scratch, and using awesome templates to get a head start." - Vlad

“Our entire business is built on Bubble and it allowed us to scale from 0 to 30+ employees in just 4 years without any investment whatsoever.” - Levon

Build your own app or site without code using a few of these handy tools:

Community for no-code
Web apps
Mobile apps
• Simple landing pages
Try Bubble
Meditation has been a hot topic on PH lately, for good reason. Not only does it offer a mental escape from our current confinement at home, but it’s stress-relieving effects are exactly what we all need right now.

Medito launched a free-forever meditation app that’s not for profit. “Meditation can positively transform people's lives. We believe no one should have to pay for it,” say the Makers.
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