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Zeroqode is a comprehensive web & mobile app development platform for building without code. Use no-code app templates to create apps up to 10x Faster or learn how to build apps without code by taking one of their courses. If you have an existing web application that you want to convert to a native ios/android app, we have a solution for that too!

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Thanks @bramk for hunting! Hey Product Hunters! We are excited to continue building more products for the No-Code World! Today we invite you to check out Zeroqode – a Platform about All Things No-Code! This is first of all - a Guide to No-Code products and tools, explaining why we believe it is The Next Big Thing out there! This is also the place to find No-Code App Templates to jump-start your own Product saving you months of time and tons of money as compared to coding it from scratch. And last but not least - for those who already have a web-site and think of launching a mobile app - we offer packages to convert your existing web application into native iOS & Android apps with 0 code :). Next thing on our roadmap - Courses where we’ll get you on a fast-track of learning how to build or modify apps without code. We’d love to hear your feedback and we’ll be here all day to reply to your comments. Thanks!
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I went from being a lead user experience designer for about six years to becoming a full stack developer for two startups. I initially made the swich from design to writing software because I wanted to be able to prototype my designs. I am recommending Zeroqode templates to all my designer friends. This might be a cool way to get some of them into programming. :) I think these templates can be useful in two ways. First, Zeroqode is great for prototyping experiments and proofs of concept. You can hit the ground running with these templates, and have a working app in a few days instead of weeks. You can save time and money. Second, it is often hard to explain to people how writing code translates into something you can actually use. There's a disconnect between lines of code and a working product. I believe you can learn valuable programming application concepts as you play with Bubble and Zeroqode templates. I look forward to trying it out more.
@preist Igor, thanks a lot for this valulable feedback. We also think that designers are one of our main target audiences and we know the challenges they (we) face. We created a separate page specifically for the designers to show some of the benefits of them starting to build finished apps instead of creating static designs. Here it is:
@preist By the way, could we use this feedback on our similar to ? that would be helpful!
@levon377 Of course! 👍
@preist Igor what URL should we post along with your feedback? Anything that you work on? And what's your role in it? Thanks!
It looks awesome, great work, now if i buy a template and want to edit it as per my use case, I should be well versed with, right? or you provide some documentation with the template itself to avoid another learning curve? thank you
@goldy_arora Hi Goldy, thanks for the question. Unfortunately we don't provide documentation with the templates yet (that's on our roadmap though) but i guess you wouldn't avoid another learning curve even if we did. Mostly because it's not possible to document every little thing that you can do in the template or we would duplicate Bubble's documentation :) But the good thing is that getting familiar with Bubble is not as complicated as learning how to code. And it's well worth the learning cureve as it gives you the tools to test your ideas without spending a fortune.
@levon377 thank you, appreciate it. quick question --> I want to build a web app which will only be doing CRUD operations to a public (requires OAuth 2) API. Do you think it'll be a good use to consider your template + if yes, would you mind recommending me the best template for my API centric use case? thank you
@levon377 @goldy_arora hi Goldy! Absolutely, there are couple of generic templates that are pretty much universal - the landing templates for one, and dashboard\UI kits for the others. As per the CRUD API integration with Oauth2 - sure thing, Bubble Connector handles those extremely well. I cannot tell exactly for your API specifically since you're not disclosing it, but if it's Oauth2 based - you should be covered with what Bubble has to offer. Cheers!
Another awesome release from an outstanding team. If you are building a product... especially as a designer... this is a no brainer. You can't go from idea to implementation any faster. Levon and his team are super responsive as well. If you get stuck with the templates, check out the bubble forums... lots of help there as well. Definitely give this a try.
@lekanb Lekan, thanks a lot for your comment and review! Those are super helpful :) It's a pleasure to work with you all this time.

These templates are perfect for getting started quickly. You get functionality & design out of the box. For the price, you can't get a project off the ground faster than this. The team is stellar and extremely responsive as well.


Get started and launch your idea quickly... in days.


Perhaps not as flexible as coding from scratch.