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April 15th, 2020

New iPhone, who dis 🤔
Apple just announced the release of a bargain bin iPhone you may actually want. Why? The compelling $399 price tag for the iPhone SE 2nd Gen is backed by a boatload of features normally reserved for a numbered launch.

This successor to the iPhone SE is actually long overdue, the first version launched back in 2016 and was later discontinued. The iPhone SE 2nd Gen signals a big move by Apple to offer more accessible products.

Let’s talk about what’s under the hood:

📱Same A13 Bionic Chip as the iPhone 11 and 11 Pro
🤳Portrait mode enabled
📸Standard 12-megapixel wide camera
🙅‍♀️No night mode on this camera
🔋Same battery life as the iPhone 8
👆Touch ID
🔋Wireless charging

Pre-orders for the 2nd Gen start this Friday, April 17th. Here’s what the PH community is saying so far:

“Have been looking forward to this for a while. Essentially 80% of 11 pro quality at 40% of price. However, it's still a phablet.” - Robert Loustau

“For this price, go for a used iPhone X” - Ruben

“I like the small screen for privacy, battery life and video 4k” - Fajar

Not an iPhone fan but want a phone on a budget? Check out Light Phone II. More into the throwback phones? The "matrix phone" by Nokia might curb your interest 🍌

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