iPhone SE

New 4" iPhone from Apple

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I was so excited about this because it was the perfect size for snapchatting in one hand.. then i learned the force touch isn't there, the fingerprint reader is the first-gen (slow) one, and it doesn't come in 128 gb.
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@mrsharma Agreed! I get the need to keep costs down, but was hoping to see apple committed to continuing to push force touch as a new type of user interaction.
@saulsutcher they could have easily added force touch and also the new fingerprint reader!
@mrsharma wonder if this is an economical choice or just a constraint imposed by the size of the screen/type of screen which is not ready for this. But still looks bad to launch a new device with a feature not update to date with the other line of newest products
@mrsharma They're probably doing this to indicate that it's not a flagship phone. iPhone 6s is the main device and they want it to stay superior. Also, they understand that 3D touch and fingerprint are not gonna be key purchase decision makers (screen size itself will make people excited), so they can leave it for the next gen.
@mrsharma Get a PopSocket if you wanna snapchat with one hand. I have used it on iPhone 6S and 6S Plus, and I truly feel it's the best thing I've ever bought for my phone! And no, I don't work for this company http://www.popsockets.com
I had been upgrading iPhones every single year since the original one. 6 was the first one to disappoint me. And 6s is the first one that I skipped. Because of the size I still can't get used to iPhone 6 after 14 months of having it. I can't have it in my pocket while sitting or walking upstairs, I can't use it with one hand while walking. Bugs me every time I get reminded of this. I wish SE would not be a twin brother of 3 year old model, but I can live with that as long as it's 4" with decent guts.
I just switched from 5s to 6s to look cool. Should have stayed on 5s, lol.
Seems like a step backwards...
Excited to revisit the 4" screen.