The Light Phone II is built around a user-customizable toolbox. You can easily add or remove various tools (i.e. directions, calculator, music player) using the Dashboard. The tools are completely optional, of course.
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I think "barebones" should include both calling and texting (text only), as sometimes you need to communicate more discreetly. However, I would never buy this phone for $350.00. Maybe at some price point under $100, preferably under $75.
@james_rovira summed up my thoughts exactly! Price point is definitely way beyond. I gifted someone an iPhone 7 for a fraction of that. 🤦‍♂️
@james_rovira Light Phone II has texting. The first did not.
You guys are aware that we can buy refurbished iphone 4?
Quoting makers' value: "The value is the experience that you break away from the internet, from social media, from all the manipulation. You're free now. This is your life. What are you going to do?" >>> Alternatives to paying $350 for Light Phone II: 1) Just turn off the wi-fi and mobile data whenever you go outside and don't want any distractions from your smartphone Benefits for this alternative? If you do encounter some really interesting event or something beautiful that's worth capturing – just take your smartphone and capture the moment. Or if you need to "Google" some very specific info (to check working hours of that local shop etc.) or you suddenly need to grab a taxi – once again, just use your smartphone. === Although the idea is nice and the product's design is top-notch, this product doesn't solve any real problem. Instead - it will be creating many more problems for people who will use it and will try to leave their smartphone at home etc. There is a reason why classic phones evolved into smartphones over all these years. The "procrastination" problem is a side problem for smartphones and should be "cured" in a different way, not by creating archaic products.
@janis_boss Yeah, I really like the concept of Light Phone but practically speaking, I was thinking the same thing ,that for example if you're on holiday somewhere and you really want to or maybe even NEED to take a picture, then this phone becomes useless. And in many parts of the world sending a whatsapp message is preferable over text too. So i've had to solve this problem via AppBlock which blocks certain apps at certain times rather than dumbing the phone down even further.
Still need that justification for the price. I don’t want to pay for something I can’t get support for months after release
I like the idea, but was expecting the price to be at least 1/3 of what you’re asking for. There are still dumb phones around which fit the very same category of this one, but of course the price is much better