Atoms Mask

Hand-washable mask for comfortable everyday wear, at cost

Comfortable non-medical mask lined with anti-microbial copper yarn, hand washable up to 30 times (then behaves like a cotton mask). Atoms is using its product/materials expertise to make and sell these masks at cost, and donating 1 for every order.
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I’ve enjoyed working with Atoms team from Day 1, and love how we shifted our production resources towards making these masks. When you buy one, they’ll be donating one mask for every one sold. Selling masks to consumers is just to cover the cost and be helpers. Inspired by this, I’ve just donated 5,000 masks to public housing residents in NYC. #Masks4All
I like this and will likely buy - but I can't find any science that indicates why a copper mask would be any better at FILTERING the virus out of the air we breathe. I'm well aware that copper does indeed kill the virus, but only after prolonged (several minutes) physical contact with it. A mask doesn't work by having prolonged physical contact, it's meant to filter. So that being said, I would probably still rather this mask than a cotton or paper one, but I believe the benefits may be psychological only. Please don't think this is me bashing the product, I'm almost certainly going to go and buy a few. I'm just asking about how this is any better than a normal mask as a FILTER.
@mickc79 Primer, thank you for your comment, you’re right that the primary goal is to reduce the contact. Atoms’ masks are non-medical and for everyday use. We didn’t choose copper because of filtering purpose here, the neoprene material is great at that. We needed to add a lining inside the mask, and wanted something good quality and accessible in the times when most factories are still closed in South Korea. We use copper lining in our shoes and are continuously impressed by its antibacterial properties and reducing odor, so we decided to use copper yarn here again. Finally, with our production run, we are improving our product and incorporating feedback from you all. So Atoms masks are going to just get better.
@waqasali ok well I guess in that case I have a little bit of an issue. In today’s climate face masks = coronavirus. And by mentioning the qualities of copper in your pitch you’re further establishing the link with the virus - however the reality is that these are no better than a standard fabric or paper mask at protecting against the virus. Neoprene is nowhere near enough to filter out a virus.
@mickc79 Hi, I just posted how copper cloth is antiviral and bacteriocidal , and was used in masks for H1N1 and the swine flu and other coronaviruses, as it inactivated the coronavirus within half an hour. Please look at the links for the studies.
@waqasali @mickc79 Please look at the links to the studies on efficacy of copper in inactivating the coronavirus.
@waqasali @mickc79 I have to agree. It's one thing to say that copper has antibacterial properties, and another to put it together in the same sentence with a coronavirus mask and imply that copper masks are somehow helpful to filter out the virus, while there is no evidence that they work. Atoms are fantastic shoes, and I really respect Alexis, but this is not a great time to make money like this. People should wear masks, ones that actually filter out the virus to a degree that matters. Saying "these masks are non-medical" but also "antibacterial!!!" is not ethical.
Masks are sold out everywhere, and aren’t the most comfortable for everyday wear. I’m so glad the Atoms team did this, and it’s been a pleasure working with them on it.
great move team! pre-ordered several for my kid and wife and me!
@hunterwalk thank you Hunter!
atoms fan; ordered four for me and the fam. nice work, folks.
@sippey we are Michael Sippey fans!