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April 14th, 2020

Netflix’s next big competitor?

Today NBCUniversal entered the streaming war to compete with Netflix, Disney+, Amazon, Hulu, and many other incumbents.

They're calling it Peacock, named after their colorful logo. If you're an Xfinity X1 or Flex customer, you can now stream 30 Rock, The Tonight Show, Parks and Recreation, Law and Order, and most importantly, The Office.

As much as we all love The Office, it’s hard to get excited about yet another streaming service. So, we’d like to highlight a few lockdown-friendly alternatives you may not know about:

Pluto streams over 250 channels and 1,000's of movies for free.

Rheo is the TikTok of internet videos.

Blackpills produces original TV shows, 100% free to watch.

Quibi delivers quick-bite original content.

Thripy will transport you across the world, even when you’re in lock down.

Neverthink TV aggregates the best “TV of the internet”
Try Peacock 🦚

In this week’s edition of Product Hunt Radio, we talk to Matthew Paul, a software product designer, researcher, and front-end engineer. He’s a former product designer at InVision, he’s worked on software and design systems at IBM, and has designed prototypes at Apple.

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How do elite investors sidestep market downturns?

2020 has been rough. Some project it may be the worst economic year since the Great Depression.

Ten years ago, when public markets were losing trillions in value, the ultra-wealthy secured their wealth in art — one of the oldest and largest asset classes — and have outperformed the S&P by 180% since.

In fact, according to Citi, art has had the lowest correlation to developed markets of any major asset class (0.13) since 1950. And the art market is projected to balloon from $1.7 trillion to $2.6 trillion in 2026.

Now you can diversify your portfolio with paintings by the all-time greats without having to be a tech squillionaire. We’re talking about masters like: Picasso… Basquiat… Warhol… you get the picture. Masterworks makes investing in art more accessible. The Product Hunt community can use this link to skip their 25,000 waitlist.