#PlutoTV is a free online television service broadcasting channels full of TV shows, movies & Internet videos hand-picked by people who love entertainment
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I've been using 5by recently (cc @gregisenberg) as a dead simple lean-back experience. Pro tip: the standup comedy channel is full of lols. Pluto.tv looks great! I actually like the old-school, TV channel approach. Most of the video content we consume online is asynchronous and lacks the real-time social aspect of traditional programming. Here you can simply send a link to someone and watch the same show/channel together.
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@jchoi526 Hi JC. You might want to consider a new post if you're releasing a new product or have a major release coming out. This comment will only notify those that previously commented on my submission back in April.
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@jchoi526 Ah, didn't see it then.
Another interesting company out of LA. Strong founding team. Big fan of the "watch together" aspect. It will get really interesting once you can interact around the show (messaging platform), like an integrated GetGlue where content and communication happen in the same place.
@guygal - me too. Dabkick is building a remote, real-time video streaming app but the execution isn't great, imho. Btw, @gkoberger. What happened w/ Hulu with Me? cc'ing @alexiskold, founder of GetGlue.
Hulu With Me started crashing Hulu's flash player, and I have no clue why. Source code is on my GitHub if anyone wants to figure it out. I'm biding my time until Netflix or Hulu launch a HTML5 player.