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#4 Product of the DayDecember 09, 2017

Blackpills is an producer of original TV shows, completely free. New episodes available on a daily basis and directly on the app!

Mathieu PREAU
Alexandre Calvez
 +7 reviews
  • Mathieu PREAU
    Mathieu PREAU@itsalive co-founder

    Crazy content and smooth app experience


    Still a few bugs left (android beta)

    Very original and eclectic content, really cool app design (far better than the netflix app). More and more series (1 new one each week). Best app to discover out of the box quality content. I recommend.

    Mathieu PREAU has used this product for one year.
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Filippo Mursia
Filippo Mursia@mrdobelina · Digital PM @ Gabriela Hearst
Cool. I know that the whole point is about having series to watch on the phone, but a Chromecast option would be cool! Unless I'm missing it.
Ekana Stone
Ekana Stone@ekana_stone · Resident Local Hero
@mrdobelina a Chromecast option is a necessity if you ask me, I still haven't gotten around to watching Mosaic because it lacks Chromecast support
Liam Boogar
Liam BoogarHiring@liamboogar · Head of Marketing @ MadKudu
Huge fan of Daniel’s work. Downloaded this as soon as I could!
Léo Benoit
Léo Benoit@le0bnt · Oracle engineer consultant
There is a bad link for Google Play on the website ! :) Correct link: Thanks,
Chris Frantz
Chris Frantz@frantzlight ·
Looks great! Landing page could have a bit more information about the product but it got me to download the app to learn more, so it was effective. 🙂
Ian Rumac
Ian Rumac@ianissoawesome · Android Architect @ Undabot
The idea itself seems brilliant. Love it. Hope the content also proves as good!