Quibi delivers quick-bite original content that fits into any moment of your day. Shows featuring the world’s biggest stars. Episodes in 10 minutes or less. All designed for your phone.
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I've been aggressively targeted ads by this product for weeks now. 👀 Lots of big name actors, it seems.
@treggify SO AGGRESSIVE! And I'm in Canada. Joys of them doing all original we aren't region locked from launch.
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Is that a good timing to launch a service like this? It’s a great idea when people don’t have time for longer episodes - I’m assuming that’s their USP - but right now everyone is home binging on Netflix with all the time in the world
@elmasryahmed It's not necessarily a replacement for Netflix. Quibi was built for people with short attention spans that primarily use mobile devices. Americans now spend more time on their smartphones than watching TV. This (along with Snapchat Originals) is embracing that trend and introducing a new form of "bite sized" entertainment.
@elmasryahmed @thejfkshow the length of an episode was never an issue. It looks like Quibi is trying to solve a problem that doesn't exist. Can't believe they collected $2B without an MVP, such. huge mistake! The area where the product lacks the most sense is the release frequency of episodes. I found 1-2 shows that I like but I am forced to wait a day before another 7-8 minutes of the show is released, which is frustrating. I'd rather wait until all episodes are released and then binge watch them, which wouldn't make sense for me to have a monthly subscription to begin with. This combination of "bite sized" content and subscription model is a recipe for disaster. I believe Quibi will be gone in a year.
Much has been made anticipating this launch and its timing... will this be the Tiktok of professional video content, or something more like Tidal — an also-ran competitor with a substantial war chest but no chance of breaking out into the mainstream?
It'll be the Tiktok of professionally-made video content!
It'll be an also-ran like Tidal
I have no idea/don't care
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@chrismessina Given the popularity of short clips and people running out of things to do at home these days, Quibi will be a home run
@chrismessina I'll bet the startup will run out of money fast, and eventually go bankrupt or acquired. Their key problem is contents.
@chrismessina Please how can someone upload his or her Live streaming video on TIKTOK
@chrismessina This will be less successful than Tidal. This combination of "bite sized" content (which nobody asked for) and monthly subscription is a recipe for a disaster. I believe Quibi will be gone in a year.
@chrismessina The novelty of their core features: Short-attention-span-theater with good production value; videos that adapt flawlessly from Portrait to Landscape orientation - These can and will be copied as a sub-set of content that can be offered by all the other major streaming platforms with a head start on audience accumulation. Not sure they can protect their UX innovations, only their stable of initial programs and talent. They may show initial traction, but a year from now I wouldn't be surprised to see some new mobile-only Netflix/Amazon/Hulu content that riffs off these characteristics, or perhaps Quibi will be acquired if it hits a meh growth rate.
Now couldn't be a better time for Quibi to launch while everyone's indoors.
@rrhoover With everyone having their routines forcibly changed, do you think a product like this, which plays on habits, would do better or worse during these times? Regardless you gotta ship it but I wonder if this actually helps or hurts.
@emmettapps I think now's a great time to start. You're right, everyone's routine has shifted but I believe some of this behavior change will stick.
@emmettapps @rrhoover The Verge doesn't really agree with your arguments: https://www.theverge.com/2020/4/...
@emmettapps @rrhoover Agreed. I see this as a commute-filler.
I keep hearing "TikTok for professional content" but every ad I'm seeing is "AppleTV but every episode is short".. TBH i prefer the latter
@amer_mallah Please how can someone upload his or her Live streaming video on TIKTOK