Product Hunt Daily Digest
October 9th, 2017

A new tool for distributed teams (early preview) ✨
Expa, the startup studio led by the co-founders of Uber, Foursquare, Envoy, Addthis, Metrolyrics and others, and known for companies with amazing domain names like and, is working on the next great collaboration tool for teams. It's called Input.

We've seen soooo many attempts to replace email and help teams coordinate. There's an AI-powered scrum master for your daily stand-ups, a cloud-based Sketch competitor for designers, and Facebook's big bet with Workplace.

Input takes a unique approach, blending familiar email-like threading with a Slack-like chat interface. Its beta users are using Input to collaborate on projects, brainstorm, host wikis, and coordinate their Product Hunt launch. 😉

The Input team is heads down, preparing for public release. If you'd like a sneak peek and early access to the beta, claim your spot.

This update was written by the Product Hunt team in partnership with Expa. Learn more about Ship.
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