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Mix is a new way to discover and curate interesting content you find on the internet. We’re not (yet another) source for breaking news -- we take you deeper into the things that interest you most and help you discover cool stuff.

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Hey I am Paul from the Mix team. We made this app to connect people with interests that matter to them. Mixes are basically playlists of good stuff around topics. As you follow people’s mixes and create your own, we get smarter about recommending good content to you. We want humans and algorithms to collaborate to give you the best of the web. We hope you will give it a try. Would love any feedback.
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@paulyiu I was a user of StumbleUpon and I only stop using because of Digg and blogs started to give better and more curated content in those days. Reading the makers talking about MIX, sounds like a new way of discovering things. We definitely need more tools to discover content that does not heavily depend on search. Something that really works, could disrupt the big players of every social platform. But I am using MIX in the Web version and looks more like a Pinterest for tech. It isn't appealing to me. To save things like this, I still prefer Pocket.
Mix feels like a mixture (sorry, pun intended) of Pinterest and Flipboard. I'm digging the design. Is this the next evolution of StumbleUpon, @gmc? 🤔
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@rrhoover I ❤️Flipboard. It's easily one of my daily apps to read:)
@rrhoover from @gmc "This concept builds in part on the legacy of StumbleUpon, which Expa acquired a little more than a year ago. In addition to bringing on a great team from StumbleUpon, we hired additional talent to start applying what we learned to create a more flexible and modern platform for personalized recommendations." https://medium.com/@gc/mix-com-i... :)
It's interesting that we don't have a go-to platform to find and share lighter, fluffier things without feeling like the content is so tied to who we are as a person (unlike Facebook). Some have Twitter, but if I discover something interesting and want to share it with my tighter network, I don't really have that place to go. Fingers crossed here...
@kleinkleinklein "a go-to platform to find and share lighter, fluffier things without feeling like the content is so tied to who we are as a person" almost perfectly describes a key insight behind https://sequel.me/ Mix is cool but focused on link sharing. If you're looking for something designed around taking the pressure off sharing, check out Sequel.
I’m excited to share the great product our engineering team has been building at Mix. The goal of Mix is to provide a space where you, people you know, and experts share and discover the best of the web. Our strong data science and machine learning is going into providing the best experience tailored to you based on your interests and match it with the content we find and receive. We hope to cut through the noise of current news and social media apps. We’re in the early stages, but we really hope you’ll join us and help us grow and improve. And if you’re interested in joining our engineering team - check out http://mix.com/careers.
I've been beta testing Mix for awhile now and it's the best thing in the world for a few different use cases: - sharing links w friends via the app bc they don't get lost in text threads/inboxes - when twitter commentary started to get over-the-top, mix separates the content signal from the noise - keeping content i like organized by topic and following topics from friends and experts i trust big congrats to @paulyiu @a_li @ebogod @raxityo @gmc @vl!