Standuply 2.0

Awesome free standups in Slack, now with A.I.

Just as your Scrum Master, Standuply collects team answers in Slack and integrates with 3rd party tools for a single standup report.

Based on data from JIRA, Standuply builds Agile charts and advises how to improve team processes. It’s the basic A.I. on the mission to deploy a digital Scrum Master in every Agile team.

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Hey, folks! Alex is here along with @artem_borodin, Co-founders at Standuply. You may also know us by 1000 Slack groups we featured on PH. It’s been 10 months since our first release of a standup bot for Slack. Now Standuply serves 6000+ teams including companies: Slack, IBM, Adobe, Salesforce, Expedia, Walmart. We're happy to announce A.I. in Standuply on a mission to deploy a digital Scrum Master in every Agile team. Now Standuply is the only standup bot with 3rd party integrations and machine learning. Here's what Standuply 2.0 can do for you in Slack. - Based on JIRA, Standuply builds Burndown chart/Cumulative flow diagram. - Using ML Standuply matches teams performance with standards; advises how to improve processes. - Standuply captures data from 3rd party tools you use, like MongoDB, Github, etc. Here are other nice things in Standuply 2.0 to make you even more excited. - It serves results in Slack: via DM, in a channel, in a thread; - It shares results: via email, via webhook, on the web, as downloadable XLSX. - It has buttons in Slack to provide a quick response or postpone a report. - It schedules reports based on a specific time-zone or tied to each user's local time. - It's integrated with Google Analytics and Giphy to make your standups more engaging =) Standuply has straightforward pricing plans. We offer five respondents for free, and each layer of additional five costs $10. Try it for free for 30 days with as many respondents as needed. Today for you, dear Product Hunter, we offer special promo codes. C50YP - 50% overall discount for yearly plans (valid until October, 4); C30YP - 30% overall discount for yearly plans (valid until October, 10); As always, we'd like to get your feedback and questions. It wouldn't be possible to be where we are without feedback from you guys. Alex, CEO and Co-founder at P.S. Thanks to @erictwillis, you're our super-hero!
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@sprinter Awesome update. Congrats on launch of 2.0
Good luck, guys!
Guys, great job 👍 Congrats! 🎊

It makes me work:)


Easy to use, helpful data


all is good

We are using Standuply in our team for about a month, so far so good!


Awesome solution for remote teams