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February 26th, 2020

A gym for introverts

Another day, another at-home gym. Yesterday, Tempo launched on Product Hunt as an “all-in-one fitness studio” where you can work out with trainers who can see when you make a mistake (so they can fix it).

Tempo joins the growing amount of startups that are using things like 3D sensors and AI along with mirrors and screens to help you work out. There’s already the big players — like Peloton and Mirror — but there’s also newcomers like Tonal (a machine learning gym), Next! Fitness (a way for users to work out with smart mirrors in a a physical gym) and Zenia (an AI-powered yoga assistant).

“Tempo's main offering is democratizing the guidance, motivation, and accountability that makes personal training effective,” Tempo Maker Moawia Eldeeb wrote on Product Hunt.

With Tempo, it’s more about form. In fact, Tempo devices come with Microsoft’s Azure Kinect (advanced AI sensors) built-in to watch you as you complete your reps. The machine looks less like a mirror and more like an armoire, and it offers a variety of classes from yoga to strength training to HIIT.

Tempo is priced close (but slightly cheaper) to what a Peloton bike costs — the machine will cost you $1,995 and then you’ll pay another $39/month subscription for content.

When asked what makes Tempo stand out in the increasingly crowded at-home fitness market, Eldeeb said that, “Tempo tracks your strength by monitoring your form, reps, and weights being used as you exercise giving you accurate metrics. Tempo also comes with all the weights, dumbells and barbell required for most strength and HIIT classes.”  

Tempo also just announced that it raised a $17.5 million Series A, which it will use for marketing, retail distribution, R&D and content production. 💪

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