Peloton Cycle

World class indoor cycling experience wherever you are

Peloton makes it possible to get instructor-led workouts on stationary bikes without stepping foot in a gym.

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I've had my Peloton bike for almost a year now and absolutely love it. The only limiting factor is putting it where there is a strong wifi signal in your house. They launched their app capability last year and I know a few people that use it on the daily. If you want to try out the bike, they have stores in several big cities and they let you do a workout in the store. You can ride with live classes, on-demand (recorded previous classes), or scenic rides around the world. Let me know if you have any questions from a user!
I'm a Peloton Cycle bike owner and app user. It's easily one of the most disruptive integrated fitness and technology options out there. The app (and bike) allows you to access 4 thousand live and pre-recorded classes from your phone or tablet. You can take a class that is structured / coached at anytime in the comfort of your home, on your local gym's bike, or while traveling. There are also thousands of themed rides with great music (EDM rides, 80's music rides, Hip Hop rides, a Sia ride, The Cure ride, and the list goes on and on). Prioritizing healthy habits while working long hours at a startup DEFINITELY took a toll on me. Like any fitness and healthy eating routine, you need to find what works for you and your schedule. Peloton definitely accomplished that for me. Since purchasing the bike in November, I've cleaned up my act and have lost close to 30 pounds. Peloton offers a 14-day free trial of their app so I urge anyone that's interested to give it a try!
I actually have good things to say about this product for a change! :) I've had mine for 2 weeks now - after a false start (faulty control board) I love mine also. Customer service is "ok" - took a bit of going back and forth to figure out what the problem was; get the right part and wait for it to come via FedEx. The bike wasn't showing or recording any metrics other then resistance (which is controlled manually by the orange knob) properly. After a new data cable, we found it was the control board. They sent me a new one and allowed me to install it (4 screws, 3 connections) myself and all was good. Regarding the actual bike / classes - I think it's awesome. The bike build quality is solid. The screen size is very immersive and a 45 minute class feels like it passed by in no time. The bike is also dead quiet. Piping the sound through headphones, no one else in the room could hear your riding. I've become a metrics junky; the bikes ability to record everything and show progress is great. The instructor led classes are awesome. I've been watching / using the pre-recorded classes because I try to work out as soon as I get home from work (2pm) and I find live classes don't generally start until 4:30 / 5pm but the instructors are great, funny and a bit pushy (a good thing). Some cursing here and there and your told about it in the description if it bothers you but it adds to the class - ie: nothing you wouldn't find in a real gym / spinning class. The ride leaderboard is motivating - I often find I push harder to try to get closer to the top cause of it. I wish the scenic rides were more realistic - their clearly shot with a drone (the ride in Italy I think, the rider shooting the video appears to get to the top of a hill and goes right over into a river - just floating in the air, haha). I also wish there were more scenic rides (theres about 20 or so) - threw a major city like NYC or Chicago would be cool - those could also be shot at night time which would be very cool IMO. I just ordered a wrist heart rate monitor - sucks Apple Watch isn't Ant+ compatible (maybe today at WWDC? ) - so the bike will show / track my heart rate which will be cool. It's expensive - this is not a toy, at all - between the bike, subscription, shoes with cleats - we were 3k USD all in - but you really can't trump the experience. I came across an article last night saying 1 spinning class can be as much as $30 / class - 5 days a week / 52 weeks a year = $7800. So comparatively speaking, all in, your still half the price of working out 5 days a week in a real on-premise class. It's also based on an Android tablet and not a very fast one - some of the screens lag a bit and sometimes a double touch is needed to register a button press - but once your into a ride, none of that matters. Video wise, so long as you have a decent internet connection (we have Verizon Fios Fiber to the house) their clear and sound is good. The built in speakers are a bit lacking, but I use a pair of bluetooth LG headphones and it sounds fine. Really, minor hiccups here and there and it's a great buy. As with any other workout equipment, you have to actually use it to get it's value - but if you do, it's a great time.
I've had my Peloton bike for a couple of years - since the original Kickstarter and I remain a huge fan. The classes and scenic rides are a blast. The app functionality and integrations have greatly improved. The bike itself is pleasure to ride. It's sturdy and comfortable and is easy to tune to your preferred sit/stand preferences for a ride. The bike is really quiet. So if you want to go for a spin with others in the room, it's less annoying. :) The competitive element in the classes is addictive. Trying to get to the top of a leaderboard is a great way to stay motivated! Now, what I want next from Peloton Cycle is an integration with Zwift, so I an cycle in the virtual world! Pretty please?!